About Company

WebCase is a web-production studio, with main focus on development web-apps and start-ups, using Python programing language and Django framework.

We have 23 employees in our company. We provide our clients with full-service development, starting with specification file development and ending by teaching our clients how to use the app or website.

Long-term experience allows us not just to develop websites on your demand, but propose to you solutions and improvements, which will make your product more effective. We always aspire to increase our skills and technologies. We use the best experience from the past projects and optimise all development processes, in case to reach the best results.

We are open to new, complex and interesting tasks. Contact us and we will prove that a small professional team, with strictly build process can accept any technical challenge and transform it in great new product.

Production of company

All our specialists work in the office, that fact allows us quickly interact with each other and to do all work in terms.

Clear Process

The project is divided into phases, each phase is provided the result of work. You are always aware of what stage of development we are.


For development of the complex projects and apps we use Python programming language and Django framework. For data storage we use PostgreSQL and MySQL.


We sign the contract and give to you full document package. We guarantee the quality and terms of development.

Professional Team

76 years - total experience of our team. 23 person in the team and everybody are professionals in their sector.

Quality guarantee

We provide all our websites and web-apps with 6 month warranty! If you find malfunctions after the production is done we will fix it for free!

Thanks for your interest

We will contact you, soon