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Business automatization Business automatization is migration of your business processes under cloud software control for the purpose to save human and money resources, and for increasing effectiveness of the management.

Business Automatization allows your employees not just to work in one system, but to implant new management and statistic tools. With it you can simplify and optimize all working areas, starting with sales department and ending with vacations alignment.

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ERP system for cargo company
The task, that has been delivered to us is: automaze the working process of the company, simplify communications between employees, and centralize: statistic, requests control, all possible accounting information.
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Work experience

Magistr Real Estate

Real Estate Search Website
The Website is for two groups of users: Agency's clients can easily search dwelling, and co-workers use the resource as a management object system.
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System for dating agency automatization
For solution of this task, we divided the website into several main categories such as customer database, employee daily work reports, work management(calendar,tasks,training) and some support sections. Each Section was developed and tested.
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Don’t know which system to choose?

Today you can find a lot of ready-made solutions in the internet, that developed nearly to all business areas. But every company have their unique business process and using ready-made solutions you will loss flexibility and time, because you need to set-up your business process under methods of chosen system.

We against pre-made solutions. We will develop the most effective system, after the full business processes analysis, including all current tasks and all clients specifications.


Our company specialized on the development of the web-services and and start-up’s using Python\django as the programming language.
We have 23 employees in our company and we provide full-cycle development, starting from the preparing the specifications and ending with teaching our clients how to work with the system.

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