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21 century in the age of start-up’s

Every day new thoughts and ideas are changing our world beyond any recognition. Future depends on different projects and solutions, without which you cannot imagine world around us.

In the classical definition of “Start-up” is totally new product, that wasn’t been known on the local or worldwide market. The main requirement is - idea must be innovative, new technologies must be used. The word “Start-up” most of all applied for web-projects, behind which stands young and ambitious businessmen, with the passion to bring something new to the world, something useful and unique.

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The Service allows you easily print documents, photos in any place of your city, while you're sitting at home. Everything you need is a few clicks to upload the document,then pay online and take your file away at any comfortable time for you.
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Ipass - system which allows you to forget about
This Service gives you an opportunity to create discount and bonus cards, coupons, tickets and send them to mobile applications: iOS - wallet and android - pass wallet. You can send new cards, and existing cards also
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What do you want to KNOW?
Website development for the British startup. Which calls people to share their knowledge, and encourage it.
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Majority start-up’s problems




Many of forward-looking ideas dies on the implementation stage, development process takes years, bring more new functions and numerous add-ons, or worse - product become unclaimed.

The best solution is - try new idea on the MVP(minimal viable product) version, see how effective it is, show it to the potential investors. Just in case, this approach helps to allocate the budget and concentrate on how demanded product is.



of the team

Majority of the start-up’s close before the product will hit the market, no matter how great was idea. One of the main reasons is - absence of the team, that is able to embrace the projects and make it happened. To design something it is just a half of the road, without smart implantation and control or using the proper development tools, any, even the most ambitious plan will fail.

“WEBCASE” company are ready to take all our experience and knowledge, be your reliable partner and bring your ideas to life.



requirements changing

When the demo version the start-up will be done and you got first feedback from potential users, development vector can be changed fundamentally and all our technical team must be ready for it.

In our team we divide project on the modules(blocks), on which development certain amount of time is allocated(sprint). Work process control the professional project-manager, who are able to quickly deliver all changes to the team, that goes from the client.

By the ending of every stage we provide client with the working piece of product. After the client are able to change specifications to the next sprint.

This approach not just allows to find all problems, but to add adjustments, changing the start-up development vector.

We are ready to provide you with our experience and knowledge and make your product successful!


Our company specialized on the development of web-services and start-up’s using Python\Django as the programming language.
We have 23 employees in our company and we provide full-cycle development, starting from the preparing the specifications and ending with teaching our clients how to work with the system.

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