Design visualization, animation, adaptation layout for mobile devices, etc. Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript,TypeScript, Vue.js, AngularJS, D3, Firebase, Gulp, Webpack for implementation of all these points.
For non-standard functionality and high load projects, we use additional technologies and tools: Celery, Django REST Framework, AsyncIO, NodeJS, PhantomJS, Redis, Varnish, Nginx. The data is stored in PostgreSQL, MySQL or MongoDB databases. Depending on the particular project and tasks, the technologies can be combined, in order to provide the stable system performance.
Quick data exchange is our ground. Our team is ready to set up integration of your product with a variety of services: payment systems, social networks, internal business-tools, etc. If your project obtains and gathers the source data, we can build own REST API for data routing for 3rd party services.



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