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To make a web product that pays off, we synchronize with your vision and goals. Establishing rapport lays a perfect foundation.



We dive into your business, research your market, competitors, and customers. Then we plan the process using collected data.



When you approve the strategy, we implement it step by step—from developing a working prototype to final tests of your IT-product.


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We integrate the product into your company’s workflows and train your staff to work with it. 6 months warranty. Follow-up tech support.

Focused on your goals

We don’t make websites just for the sake of it. We build tools that help you solve your business problem.

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Python is a secure, robust, and effective programming language. It powers Google, Instagram, YouTube, and other major platforms.

We started to use Python and its framework Django long before they became the most popular programming techs. Since then, we wrote and launched 100+ complex Python/Django projects. And it made us adepts of these technologies. Our clients might not know what concise source code is, but they do appreciate when we save their time and money building IT-solutions for them.

For the last 5 years, we’ve run courses in Python based on our development center. The best of the best get an internship at our company.

ERP system for a transport company


Solve 2 main issues:

  • The company used Excel to handle orders, contracts, checks, and bookkeeping. Editing all this data took a lot of time and effort.
  • Choosing free employees for new tasks took too long.

What we did

  • Module that helps create and handle orders, automatically estimate distances, perform online calculations, etc.
  • Document automation system. It provides document flow between the company’s managers and clients. The system also has personal accounts, digital signatures, and many other features.
  • Bookkeeping module. It simplifies accounting and automates the payroll using data about shortages, penalties, and bonuses.
  • Executive Dashboard. It displays all the key metrics about the company's current state in the form of easy-to-read charts.

Ticketing service


To build an online solution for selling tickets on shows and concerts.

What we did

  • Tailor-made design. First, we tested a ready-made WordPress plugin. But it missed some key functions that customers needed. It didn’t allow to make custom venue schemas and wasn’t mobile-friendly. So we started designing a bespoke solution from scratch.
  • Event system to create and manage events. An admin can set sales dates, payment methods, custom fees, and delivery options.
  • 3 types of tickets—mobile (both for iOS and Android), digital with a QR-code, and physical ticket with a barcode.
  • QR- and barcode functionality. Managing tickets promo codes to work with third-party ticket vendors and platforms.

Experience marketplace


To simplify and improve the way how users interact with the product.

What we did

  • 3 types of user accounts. Each type has its own set of features required for different roles—Client, Provider, and Dealer.
  • Custom shopping cart logic that makes working with items more convenient. Based on a focus group's feedback, we added the ability to merge authorized and unauthorized users’ carts.
  • Bespoke admin panel. It makes any mutual settlements transparent. The panel allows to work with certificates, create coupons and QR-codes, and set up payment and delivery methods.
  • Integrations. We researched customer needs and connected third-party services that users wanted—LiqPay, SendPulse, Leeloo, TinyPNG, Woodoos, and Facebook.

Cryptocurrency exchange Richmaster


To build a reliable online platform for buying, selling, and exchanging cryptocurrency.

What we did

  • Security. Security is the main concern for financial projects. We implemented two-factor authentication, tracking users’ login IP-addresses,  personal data verification, funds holding, session length timer.
  • Filtering incoming data to protect the server against hacking—CSRF & XSS attacks, SQL Injections, etc.
  • Convenient and fast mechanism for adding any number of new cryptocurrencies.
  • Smooth data exchange between client and server.
  • Real-time display of the market events.

More than 350 successful projects in 6 years

On behalf of the "Kvartal 95" studio we would like to thank our partner "WebCase" web studio for developing the website for the "Kvartal TV" project. During the time of cooperation with the web-studio, the team of developers has shown its ability to approach the tasks with full responsibility, to perform tasks with high quality and on time. A distinctive feature of the work is high professionalism, communication skills and interest in the work performed. We recommend the studio as a reliable and stable partner. Studio kvartal 95 is pleased with the work done and will be pleased to continue our cooperation with the WebCase studio!

Marchenko Sergey

head of digital department


Technology Consultant for the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

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