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In the modern world of the fast developing technologies, it is crucial for the business to choose right facilities. A clever choice may boost its capacities and bring absolute success, while the bad one will cause a failure. In this article, we will clarify the successful choice of the programming language and tell you more about famous companies that use Python – one of the most effective languages of programming.

Why Python?

Nowadays there exist more than 250 programming languages, each with its own advantages and drawbacks. Of course, there are many loyal followers and vociferous opponents of each of them, too. Such a wide range is explained by three major reasons:

  • historical development of the hardware;
  • tastes of the developers (as you can understand we are rather fastidious);
  • different purposes of the languages.

All of them have played into the hands of Python. First of all, it was created for very powerful computers, and with their development and accessibility the language has much grown its auditory. Secondly, Python is a comparatively simple and clear programming language, that is why it is loved by more than 30% of developers worldwide. Thirdly, it covers lots of platforms and functions and doesn’t limit its usage to only one area, be it web development, native applications, or gaming.

That is why, despite a severe competitiveness, Python, being created in the 1990s, is still one of the top favorites of the field. We have already addressed some of the reasons why Guido van Rossum’s multi-paradigm programming language is so popular nowadays. Its main strengths include easy to learn and use syntax, excellent readability, design philosophy and wide field of the appliance. The latter includes:

  • robotics;
  • gaming;
  • web development (see our guide of the best Python web frameworks);
  • machine learning;
  • computational science etc.

Moreover, Python is famous for constant improvement in a full accordance with the quickly changing world of technologies. Now its latest version is 3.6, positively known for the asynchronous generators and syntax for variable annotations added.

Such popularity influenced the number of successful companies that use Python for backend present on the market. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Tech Companies Using Python

Among more than 65000 companies basing their backend on Python, there is a majority made up of technical ones. Most popular industries using Python include computer software, information technologies, and Internet usage. Large standard libraries of Python, providing already scripted programming tasks, are the main reason for that. That is why the most known Python companies embrace popular web applications, music and video streaming services, and large online retailers. If you want to know more about what corporations use Python, please welcome their top list:

  • Instagram. One of the greatest social media with more than 800 million of the active users, Instagram became a must for any smartphone. The main reason for Instagram to turn to Python was its simplicity, which allowed developers to concentrate on the UI and UX instead;
  • Uber. With Python’s ready to quickly provide Uber with essential mathematical calculation, its technology stack structure was predestined;
  • Spotify. The biggest streaming service with an annual revenue of more than €4 billion, Spotify is an important member of the long list of those who love Python. The company has chosen it for the development speed and advanced data analysis, which result in a perfect performance of such functions as Radio and Discover.


Non-Tech Companies With Python Backend

The second biggest area of Python usage embraces higher education and medical care corporations (2200+ and 1800+ companies respectively). It is no surprise they mainly use this language, as its high productivity and testing framework is essential in all the scientific programmes built on it. They need a programming language that is easy to use, perfectly scalable, high-performing and coupled with a range of ready-made libraries and components. That is why here we may speak of such giants of the field using Python as:

  • Safari Books Online. A popular platform providing a free possibility to read books and watch videos, Safari is only one of the many libraries and scientific projects using Python, as its abilities in the domain of data analysis and machine learning are incompatible with other languages;
  • Testive. For the same reason, an online tutoring project Testive has also chosen Python for its development;
  • Harvard Medical School. For this project, steadily winning the first place among other medical institutions in the USA, Python developers created a special biology web application, which made a great contribution to its success;
  • Vitality. Python became an ideal language for the development of the smart American healthcare system based on the smartphone usage.

FinTech Companies Using Python

There are more than 1500 financial companies that use Python for backend. Actually, it was named to be the most requestedlanguage in the fintech sphere. It is an ideal option there, as Python presents many advanced possibilities for answering the most urgent challenges of the financial industry concerning analytics, regulation, compliance, and data analysis. It has a great system of open source financial libraries, too, including NumPy, SciPy, and Cython.

If you want to know what companies use Python in the financial sphere, just scroll the list:

  • Bank of America. Due to the emphasis on the transparency and collaboration that can be observed in the fintech world after 2008 crisis, a clear and simple programming language was needed to unite all the major financial structures, with Bank of America ahead of them. Python became the most obvious choice;
  • Entrepreneurial Financial Lab. One of the leaders in the field of entrepreneurial crediting and other financial services, EFL has a 10 years history of applying psychometrics and behavioral science in the domain. Both its financial and psychological services benefited highly from using Python;
  • Robinhood. Headquartered in Palo-Alto, California, the company proposes its clients a smartphone mobile application, which allows them to invest and trade for free (that is, without any broker fees). Moreover, it has recently added a cryptocurrency functionality, so nowadays it is possible to trade Bitcoin and Ethereum there. Everything is built on Python/Django, of course.

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Type of company Companies
Famous Instagram, Spotify, Amazon, SurveyMonkey, Facebook, Industrial Light and Magic, Google, Quora, Netflix, Dropbox, Reddit, YouTube, Yahoo, NASA, IBM, Mozilla, Hipmunk, Pinterest, The Onion, Disqus, Washington Post, Bitbucket, Prezi, Pitchfork, Zope Corporation, Shopzilla, Crystal Space, Civilization 4, Walt Disney Feature Animation, The National Research Council of Canada, Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI), Red Hat, Nokia
Financial institutions Goldman Sachs, Glassdoor, JP Morgan Chase, PayPal
Fintech Companies Zopa, ThoughtMachine, robinhood, Kensho, stockspot, Newable Business Finance, iwoca, figo, Affirm, Vyze, Stripe, Dwolla, Venmo, Bond Street, Kabbage, Qonto, Holvi
Large tech companies Uber, Twilio, Netflix, Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Reddit
Government agencies Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), NASA, The United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), The SEC


In the article, we have addressed the issue of Python usage in the great corporations throughout the world. You can see that nowadays Python is one of the most popular programming languages. Moreover, it is highly requested in such fast-developing industries as finance, Internet usage and media, and computer software. We hope that this article will help you see the benefits of Python usage. If you feel unsure, our professional team is always ready to lend a helping hand!

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