Digital Transformation of Business

We implement innovative IT-solutions

Solutions for digitalization:

Digital transformation for the sake of the process itself is the wrong way to go. First, we analyze and audit your business. And only then it will become clear which of the following types of digitalization projects will bring the greatest benefit to your business.


Chatbots and
omnichannel services

Chatbots answer questions, fulfill requests, and automatically notifies users. You can embed it on your website, social media, or messenger. Omnichannel services provide seamless communication with customers. Clients will receive messages via the preferred channel: email, SMS, or messenger app.


According to Unit4, the average worker spends 552 hours per year on routine tasks, including 18 minutes to search for each document. Such inefficiencies translate into a 20-30% reduction in revenue.

45% of tasks in enterprises can be automated, according to a report from McKinsey. This will free workers from repetitive tasks and allow them to focus on complex and creative challenges. 

customer loyalty

According to the PwC survey, clients agree to pay an extra 16% just for speed and comfort. Buyers have become more demanding, but they are willing to pay more for excellent services.

  • User accounts speed up information, self-service and problem-solving.
  • B2B portals facilitate collaboration between partners.
  • Chatbots instantly answer user questions, provide information, and book tickets .

We incorporate solutions that increase the user experience in every type of project.

new markets

The Internet gives the limitless potential for growing your sales. Statista predicts that the number of those who shop online will reach 2 billion soon.

Digitization tools will lead customers from awareness to closing deals and repeat sales with greater conversions. According to Nucleus Research, investing in a CRM system returns an average of $8.7 for every dollar spent.

We can help your business make the most of digital transformation opportunities.

Digital transformation stages



At the discovery stage, we get into the specifics of your niche and the problems of the business and define the goals and KPIs to be achieved.


Picking solutions

The choice of solutions depends on the objectives set in the first phase. For some purposes, it’s enough to synchronize the online store and ERP, for others we’d need to launch the online store or develop an interactive product builder for dealers.



The development consists of architecture and interface design, coding, and testing. At each of these stages, our team checks with the business goals of the project. All the elements being developed serve the purpose of achieving your business objectives.


Measuring results

After launching the project, we measure the result. You'll find out exactly how many hours you've saved and how many clients our solutions have brought you.

Focused on your goals

Implementing IT solutions is not the end goal. It’s only a tool that solves the client's problem.

CRM for “Sribna Rosa”

Workflow automation for water delivery company


To speed up the order fulfillment—from receiving a call to product shipment

To achieve the goal, we:

  • Designed a CRM module for a one-click order repeat. Now customers don’t have to re-enter their address and data.
  • Connected the VoIP phone. When a client calls, a card with info about him automatically pops up. In 95% of cases, the operator only has to press the “reorder” button.
  • Built a website with a personal account for ordering online. These orders automatically go to the logistics department, removing the operator from the chain


Web project for attracting new customers to the offline business


Increase sales of land surveying services provided by the client’s company

To achieve the goal, we:

  • Attracted target audience with free services: interactive cadastral map and ads catalog.
  • Designed an intuitive UI where users can order services in 2 clicks.
  • Transformed the project into a one-stop-shop for operations with the land. Users can find, buy or sell real estate and order any related services


ERP system for the US transportation company.

Client’s pains:

  • Tracking orders, contracts, bills, and accounting done in Excel. There are tons of data, and it takes a lot of time and effort to process it.
  • The process of choosing a free employee to tackle the task is too slow.

To achieve the goal, we built:

  • Module that helps create and handle orders, automatically estimate distances, perform online calculations, etc.
  • Document automation system. It provides document flow between the company’s managers and clients. The system also has personal accounts, digital signatures, and many other features.
  • Bookkeeping module. It simplifies accounting and automates the payroll using data about shortages, penalties, and bonuses.
  • Executive Dashboard. It displays all the key metrics about the company's current state in the form of easy-to-read charts.

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