Fixed Price Cooperation Model

The Fixed Price pricing model is an ideal solution for customers who want to meet the originally agreed budget and/or the terms of the project implementation. This gives them additional confidence in the reliability and honesty of the executor.

In fact, Fixed Price contract constitutes the ideal balance between the price and the quality of the created solution. Therefore, if one of your main goals is maximum savings, and while you want to get a result acceptable from the professional point of view, you definitely should look towards this model. As a result, you know the budget before the project starts, the deadlines are strictly defined, and technical specifications and other kinds of project documents are compiled and finalized at the very beginning of the collaboration.

When is Fixed Price Contract Most Suitable?

  • The speed of implementation is crucial for you;
  • You need to be sure about the exact release date (to plan the advertising campaign, for instance);
  • You want to be sure the project stays on budget;
  • You want to create a product with trivial functionality (for example, the common online store).


The Fixed Price Model is suitable for up to medium-sized projects, where functionality and schedules would be fully listed for the whole project before it start. The web development process according to this model is worked out by our team to the smallest detail and implies the following stages:

  1. Requirements gathering and analysis

  2. The signing of the agreement to develop specification

  3. Writing aspecification and calculating the cost

  4. Web programming

  5. Prototyping and design

  6. Signing of the development contract

  7. Testing

  8. Launch of the project

  9. 6 months warranty

Our advantages:

  • 6-months warranty period. Have you found a mistake in the process of work? We are fixing it for free;
  • Fixing the project cost and duration before the start of work;
  • Ease of team management - there is no need for daily monitoring, reporting is done by stages;
  • A contract with a fixed price gives both the customer and the executor a predictable working scenario;
  • Clear requirements and fixed timeframe (Eliminating Potential Disagreements);
  • The guarantee of the project completion is fixed by the contract;
  • Well-considered architecture of the project, since all functionality is known at the project start;
  • Elimination of potential differences at the stage of drafting the requirements specification;
«KNOW» - the project developed according to Fixed price model

Here is an example of the Fixed Price model project - the British startup KNOW, which encourages people to share their knowledge. All the requirements were clearly defined at the initial stage, the project architecture did not imply its further expansion, and for the customer, the deadlines for the delivery of the project, which were spelled out in the development agreement, were important. Please check customer feedback on Clutch.

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