Dedicated Team with Time & Materials model of payment

When starting the work on the new project, any business person is first of all interested in the team that will implement his or her vision of it. Indeed, a group of professionals, brimful with new ideas, is probably the biggest key to success. For our projects, we gather unique teams of specialists, ready to embody all of your innovative ideas. To organize the workflow in the most effective way, we break it down into sections, called sprints. On the basis of each of them, our clients are given a functional ready to use. That is done to simplify the testing and assessment processes, too. We believe that our attitude to work organization is highly productive, as it allows our clients to implement all of their ideas within short timeframes and with the help of the best professionals in the field.

We believe that dedicated team model is a perfect choice for companies seeking best control and flexibility, as well as full transparency in their projects. 


Work organization and team structure are extremely important for creating a successful web project. To build and use the right working scheme effectively, it is necessary to conduct various analytics and set clear goals. We will tell you how to manage team projects and organize your workflow in a new way. It will allow you to modernize your working conditions and implement new models of problem-solving.

  1. Requirements gathering and analysis

  2. Project Discussion

  3. Signing of the contract

  4. Web programming

  5. Prototyping and design

  6. Drawing up a tasks list for iteration

  7. Testing

  8. Preparing the infrastructure

  9. Launch of the finished functional part

Advantages of T&M model:

  • Ability to change project requirements during development;
  • A single work area for the project is its backlog;
  • Daily progress monitoring;
  • Adherence to Agile development methodologies;
  • There is no need to compile an extended requirements specification before starting the work;
  • Ability to prioritize the functionality implementation;
  • There is working functionality at the end of each iteration, you do not need to wait for the end of the project;
  • Time tracking for each task, which contributes to the most effective work.
«Local Moving» The project developed according to Time & Materials model

The turnkey ERP system for the transport company Local Moving Service allowed to automate the whole process of the company's work, establish communication channels between employees, and also unite the registration and tracking of cargo transportation requests, calculation and payment of wages, various statistics and financial statements within one platform.

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