Jan 2019

In this article I want to review the latest news of the leading crypto-exchanges, such as www.binance.comwww.exmo.comand

In March the Exmo made changes in commissions on platform and proposed special offer for deposits in Euro. Changes in commissions relate to the following payment systems – MoneyPolo and SEPA, both start on April 2nd at 06 pm UTC. The deposit interest in the MoneyPolo now is 0.5% both USD and EUR, the percentage for the withdrawal of funds through the system SEPA is 1% + 25 EUR. I also remind you, that EXMO Coin crowdsale is planned on September 10, 2018, so 158 days left!CRYPTO- EXCHANGES MONTHLY NEWS - 30

As for WEX, it brought to the attention of their users the Bitcoin Betting, a new feature on crypto exchange – the totalizator where Bitcoin exchange rate against USD is used. At 5 min intervals, the BTC exchange rate to USD fixes at the last base price, and users can bet on the fluctuations of the rate. After each of this intervals the bets are closed and a new cycle is started. After the betting period end, the waiting stage of the drawing starts for the last 5 minutes. If there are enough partakers, after 15 minutes waiting interval the drawing is made. At this moment the BTC/USD exchange rate is also fixed at the last price. The user will receive a percentage of his bet to the total sum of up bets. The benefit is the total sum of all down bets. And vice versa to down bets.

And the last but not the least, from April 06 to April 13, 2018 the Binance starts competition to celebrate IOST listing, where this exchange have committed a total of 5,000,000 IOST to reward their users. The rules are next:

  • Share Pool: TOP 500 users having over one hundred thousand IOST during the period mentioned above will share a pool of 4 million IOST;

  • Lucky Draw: 5 randomly selected users will split a pool of 1 million IOST, to ensure righteousness, the Draw will be broadcasted on several social media platforms.

Have a successful trading, generate ideas and invest the earned funds to order a Web Development of your Startups. Thank you of being with us!

Ilya Smyrnov

Author: Ilya Smyrnov

Position: CEO, Business analyst

Biography: Более 8 лет занимаюсь анализом бизнесов клиентов и повышаю их эффективность с помощью внедрения IT-решений.

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