Jul 2018

With no exaggeration, Google provides amazing opportunities for everyone who has at least heard about it. We don’t really mean its general purpose of the largest search engine in the world. Besides the assistance in looking up any question that could be asked, it also provides particular opportunities for mobile businesses.

Striving for great popularity and sky-high profit, many online entrepreneurs forget about the basics. Launching advanced chatbots, they skip significant steps that can considerably improve the business. We can say that all-around efficient UI/UX design should be at the top of the list. But right after, Google integrations come into play.

How many times a day do you use Google Translator? How many times have Google Maps saved your time, money, and nerves? How do you like Google Hangouts? We believe that all of those titles are quite familiar to you. But at the same time, we can assume that most of our readers have not integrated the most useful products of Google with their websites.

This is why we decided to create this article for you. Here, you will find a brief but informative overview of Google integrations and learn how to get them going with your web solution. And before we start our dipping into the process essentials, we would like to mention that you should either know some basics of HTML/CSS/JavaScript to get this task down or cooperate with experts that can guide you through the software integration peculiarities.

Google Maps Integration and Its Meaning for Your Website

First of all, the reason to turn to Google products is the global revenue of this IT giant in 2017. The company earned almost 110 billion dollars! Obviously, serious facts hide behind this great sum. People love Google services and doubtlessly spend their money on them, as there is no other way to make a website as nice and user-friendly as by using Google integrations.

In the US, almost 60 million users accessed Google Maps on a PC last spring. This means that millions of Internet users were switching to Google Maps to find the needed location. You have a great chance to simplify your customers’ journey: perform the Google maps integration in the website you own. In fact, there is nothing difficult for an experienced IT engineer. One should follow simple steps:

  • build a usual HTML web page,
  • add a map to it,
  • and get a special API key.

Our company has worked with Google maps website integration a ton of times. To provide you with some use cases that really worked, we highlight some of our recent projects in this article.



This project is all about close cooperation with Belarusian retail fuel market. We gathered information about gas station companies in the country and built a high-performance solution based on the database. The app allows the drivers to get the information about stations with the lowest prices for fuel. The app shows objects on the Google maps.


Cargo Card

This app is aimed at catering to cargo transportation companies needs. It allows making a request for cargo transportation and provides many useful features like filtering, internal messenger, custom profiles, etc. With the help of this tool and Google maps, you can build the optimal route for the transportation.

ERP System for Cargo Company

This is a tool that automates business processes of a local cargo company. The app provides amazing communication and interaction opportunities, tracks order statuses and builds the analytics. Using Google maps data, the system calculates the distance to pass to deliver an order.

Google Street View Integration with the Website



Street View by Google is a great chance to get 360-degree views for various spots of our planet. It covers most existing cities and towns as well as some historical places and touristic routes. Street View is available on Google Maps by default. Its images are supported by Special Street View Objects that can be either generated by the API or created personally.

Google Drive: What Is it and Why Your Website Needs Integration With It



Millions of Google Docs, Sheets, Events, etc collect the information about businesses worldwide. It is a common case to store files there, share, edit and generally do everything one may need. People can either upload ready-made files from their PCs or mobile devices or create them online. Besides that, there is also an offline version available, which has made Google Drive even more convenient and useful.

By integrating this service into your web pages, you provide users with additional opportunities. Your website visitors can create new files and open existing ones stored in their Drives directly from your website. No more switching between tabs – everything needed on a single page!

Google Wallet Website Integration: a Convenient Way to Deal with Online Transactions

Google products made their contribution to financial transactions improvement as well. Google wallet is a reliable assistant if there is a need to buy products online, pay for something or reduce the necessity to use traditional financial institution services.

This feature is highly useful for those running eCommerce businesses. One-click checkout and elimination of manual data entering are the biggest advantages of this tool.

Just imagine: simple integration allows every single Google user to enjoy your website experience. This step will let you attract new customers and increase revenue.

Google Hangout Integration with a Website as a Chance to Provide Better Communication Opportunities to the Visitors

One of the key reasons the Internet gained such massive popularity is that it provided with users worldwide with the universal, one-of-a-kind communication channel. Just 2 or 3 decades ago, people from different parts of the world needed weeks or month to share their thoughts or news. Now, you need just a few seconds to contact your friend who are thousands of miles away.

Internet users constantly pursue the aim to communicate with one another, build some sort of interaction online or even use the communication on the World Wide Web as a source of attracting new customers.

Each authorized Google user can enjoy the advantages of Google Hangouts. This perfectly protected tool for communication purposes is available worldwide. It is featured with both convenient chats and voice calls. Integrate it with your website and make a huge contribution to the customer experience improvement.

Extending Your Business Limitations with Google Translate Integration into Website



Hiring the native speaker to translate your website into a certain language is a bit complicated. Besides that, it will definitely cost you good money. But there is a really cool alternative! By integrating Google Translate tool you get the possibility to demonstrate your website content in more than 100 languages.

The process takes literary seconds. All the user needs to do is click on a popup that appears when a person opens your website. We should mention that sometimes Google translation may include some inaccuracies. But the company works on the improvement and fixes issues each day, so anyway, it is the best choice to reach your potential customers from abroad.

Google Calendar Website Integration as a Way to Better Manage Your Events

Google Calendar website integration examples have replaced traditional workbooks and organizers. This tool allows events scheduling, notifies participants about upcoming events, etc. It has a wide range of features for events organization. You can define name, description, priority and, other aspects. Google calendar helps to manage events in both business and personal life in just a few clicks.

Integration of this product with your web solution provides an opportunity to share your events with visitors and save them in the visitors’ calendars. Google Calendar integration with the website is quite easy for a non-technical specialist. However, it is really useful.

Google Login Integration: One-Click Authorization Advantage

People hate using websites with a 154-simple-steps kind of authorization. The fewer actions you require the visitors to take, the more comfortable one will feel browsing your website.

This rule is especially applicable to eCommerce platforms. If the login procedure is too complicated, users will leave searching for an easier solution.

To prevent you from the loss of customers, we would like to tell you about one more significant way to use Google products. Integrate Google login with your web store and allow almost every Internet user to make purchases in a hassle-free manner.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, all the existing Google products follow one common goal. All of them are aimed at improving customer experience and your business reach and popularity.

Some of the tools are quite easy to integrate with the website while the others require programming proficiency. In order to upgrade your website with these awesome tools, contact our team and let us help you with the task. We know how to deal with integrations and will provide only painless, time- and resource-efficient cooperation.

Ilya Smyrnov

Author: Ilya Smyrnov

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