May 2018

The blockchain is getting extremely popular. In the first place, thanks to cryptocurrencies. But, before a cryptocurrency comes into play, there are a few things happening. One of those is the ICO. The number of ICOs grows immensely, with, of course, only a few really worth the attention. We are going to go into what’s an ICO, how it works, how you can create your very own ICO listing website, and why in the world you would do this.

What is an ICO and how does it work?

An ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a crowdfunding involving a developing cryptocurrency. The owners can trade their new currency in the form of “tokens” to those who are interested. In return, they receive a legal tender or, as an alternative, other currencies like Bitcoin. Basically, it’s a digital Wall Street. Anybody can take part at their own risk. If the project is successful, the investor will raise quite an amount. The funding is organized by start-ups to gather funds for their ideas. This way they are getting money to launch without having to invest too much.

The number of issued tokens can be limited as well as their pricing. The project might set a certain goal to reach. The process is ongoing for a week or more. The price for each token can be static, meaning it will not change during the whole ICO. However, there is an option when a token price increases based on the amount of money gathered.



At the end of January 2018, Facebook prohibited ads including any information about ICOs. Twitter, Google, LinkedIn and some others followed with the same decision in April. This was done to protect their customers from potentially misleading information. Many of the ICOs might appear to be a scam or can be hijacked by someone. Let’s look at possible issues one may face with ICOs:

  • It can be a SCAM. The information might seem appealing and worthy an investment. However, after the investment is done, your money vanishes. All because there was some small disclaimer at the very bottom. And it stated that you don’t have a right to anything. The problem with scams is that, unlike fraud, they are usually acting in the legal field. And while it is misleading, you actually agree to their conditions (generally unknowingly). The issue of SCAMS in ICOs is that there are not that many regulations existing in this field. So, retrieving funds will be impossible.
  • It can be hijacked. If the company is doing good and looks very promising, there is always someone who wants a piece. In some cases, it doesn’t stop at wanting. For example, Kik startup ICO created about $50 million worth of tokens for their investors and was hoping to get $125 million more from the general public. Yet, their plans were ruined by someone who created a fake URL in social media and raised their money for them. Unfortunately, they were not nice enough to return it back.
  • It can fail. At any moment in time, the project might fail for various reasons. And if it does, all the raised money might go with it. Some of the companies have conditions for returning money if they ICO doesn’t reach its required minimum. This depends on a contract. Sometimes, it might also depend on the laws of a country, where the ICO is taking place.



Why should you make an ICO listing website?

An ICO listing website gathers information about available ICOs, their descriptions, ideas behind them, and sometimes ratings. The reason to make one is to provide the potential investors a more informative platform for choosing their next investment. They will be able to see and compare projects, decide what works for them and what doesn’t. This kind of solution, especially combined with ratings might save investors’ money and time. Also, when you create an mvp ICO listing website, you help ICO project owners to find their target audience and, therefore, grow their revenues in future.

Examples of successful ICO listing websites

  • BlockStarter. This company is aimed at helping startups create their ICOs, and they also have their own listing. They mostly list successful, already finished ICOs, but they provide quite extensive information about each project. Everything, including team, press releases, concepts, media, and FAQ. And of course, you can make your contribution right there.
  • ListICO. One of the best ICO listing websites. They provide information about a massive number of offerings. You can find tons of info on the website, as well as from their community in social media. Within the site, you can find ongoing, ended, or upcoming coin offerings.
  • Bestcoins. This website is not only an ICO listing but also provides exchange services, information about cryptocurrencies, and allows discussing various projects. The developers of this site provide you with the general information about ICOs and also allows filtering them by the field they belong to. So, one can choose something they fancy without having to go through a pile of offers.
  • Top ICO List. These guys are purely dedicated to ICOs. On their website, you can check any active, past, or upcoming offerings, as well as PreICOs. You can also submit your own or subscribe to receive the featured listing. They also have a list of cryptocurrency airdrops.
  • The Tokener. This platform has information about listings, as well as bounties, and any events related to the crypto world. They allow you submitting your ICO. They position themselves as a token sale directory.



What to include in your own ICO listing?

Of course, in the first place, information about the project is what matters. Who they are, what they do, what’s the aim of the project. You can also include their contacts or some information on the team who is making this ICO. Most of them have websites, which potential investors can visit to get more information about the idea and conditions. Another important piece of information is definitely tokens. The number of tokens to be issued, their cost, the deadlines, and, of course, the progress of the project, if it’s already running.

During the ICO website development, you can include the rating for every project. You can create your own criteria for evaluating how safe it is to invest in a certain company. This information is generally provided without any personal judgment. Certain algorithms can be included to gather the necessary data and display it to the visitors. Such algorithms can be powered by the AI to be adjustable and improvable in future.

The score for a project might be determined by the company listing, any of their previous projects, the date of the listing. Fresher listings can have lower scores. You can include any other points you consider valuable for your visitors. The algorithm can recalculate the score every day, every few days, or once a week. Generally, the whole system used for ratings is not displayed by the listing websites. This is what you need to consider when you decide on how to create an ICO listing website.

The wrap-up

ICOs might be a risky business but these kinds of things never go out of the trend. With all the innovation and new projects coming, the web is going to be full of offerings. By creating an ICO listing website you can help both, – the investors and the projects’ owners. The investors’ choice will be eased up when there is no need for them to go through tons of information. And project owners might find those interested in what they have to offer. And this is a good reason to get to the ICO listing website development.

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