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Blockchain-related applications

Probably the most popular topic for discussion in the business sphere nowadays, cryptocurrency and blockchain is a desired industry for many people. In the modern digital society, virtual money becomes the new power to make the world go round. With more than 2 billion worth blockchain technology market, it seems to be a perfect basis for managing cryptocurrency. That is why the first myth about them arises. Cryptocurrency and blockchain are often represented as one business. However, they are not - digital money and blockchain technology may function without each other.

While the term cryptocurrency concerns money assets, blockchain is a powerful technology helping them to be bought, sold, invested, or traded. It is based on an open database, highly encrypted and verified, with every entry heavily depending on its predecessors. ... read more 

To operate contracts with blockchain, the technology of smart contracts is used. To put it simply, while Bitcoin and company is a currency, blockchain is a smart alternative to the banks. What is more, it would be correct to speak about blockchains rather than one technology, as the existence of 900 different cryptocurrencies precondition the emerge of various types of the blockchain technology.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain appear as a key to investigation new business society, with democratic values and independent views upon the economy. The experts often say that the development of this industry is very much like the overwhelming progress of the Internet era - first steady, then extremely fast and all-encompassing. Thus there is no doubt that cryptocurrency will proceed to develop in the next years. The same concerns blockchain - smart, secure, and useful technology.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain are a hard nut to crack, especially now, when the industry has grown much more difficult to enter. However, they remain stirring the economic hype and spreading over other types of business. Despite its recent value fall, cryptocurrency shows a tendency to develop steadily and conquer the world of business, too. That is why it is extremely important to be in the loop nowadays and to turn to experienced developers in the industry. 

We have experience in developing various kinds of cryptocurrency related web applications like web development for ICO projects and cloud-mining systems, cryptocurrency exchanges, trading and auction platforms. Our successful cases in the blockchain industry speak for themselves.


  • You are a Cryptocurrency Evangelist, have considerable experience with the Blockchain technology and a deep understanding of this market;
  • You want to bring to life your most daring ideas and create something new on Blockchain related environment;
  • You are looking for how to best utilize existing web development budjet, earned by the blood and sweat by Mining of Сryptoсurrency;
  • You have a difficulty with gathering an IT expirience team for the implementation of your ideas locally;
  • Frequently changing market require fast responding to changes and you do not have time to waste for establishing new productive interaction;
  • You need to implement Online Payment Systems to provide fast and secure money transfers on your web application.


ICO Website Design

Get the perfect web application for your ICO launch towards building your community, attracting investments and reaching the ultimate goal of your project.

ICO Tracking Portal

These solutions is designed to help you track and analyze the token sale and initial coin offering movement as it grows and expands.

Cryptocurrency exchanges

One of the best way to reap the rewards on cryptocurrency market is to help people already engaging in cryptocurrency. Our solutions are scalable and user-friendly, secure and integrate various payment methods.

Cryptocurrency exchangers

There is a fundamental difference between the cryptocurrency exchanges and exchangers: while contacting the exchanger you conduct trading operations exactly with it, and at the exchange you sell and buy cryptocurrency by dealing with private owners.

Auction platforms

Our web solutions for auctions represent the development of the software core which is connected to best modules and features of each auction type. Unlimited sellers number, "Classic Auction", "Reverse Auction", "Tendering Platform", "Trade & Stock market" and any unique solution.

Cloud-mining platforms

If someone want to invest in cryptocurrency mining without the hassle of managing own hardware, there is an alternative. There are narrowly focused companies that lease their computing power by providing cloud-based services. Web development for these services is our expertise.


  • Entrepreneurs, Blockchain Evangelists
  • Crypto Investors
  • ICO Founders
  • Marketing Specialists
  • Blockchain Professionals
  • ICO Advisors & Strategists
use cases
Data Coin

Data Coin - service that oriented on the rent of mining powers, provided by ASIC-hardwares in the company data-center. MBrothers. Services like this allows users, in condition of everyday mining complexity increasing, to mine bitcoin without purchasing expensive hardware.

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use cases

This is a free online service for crypto-currency exchange points search, for Internet banking and money transfers with a unique features for cashback and a two-level referral system. Let's exchange and earn in a couple clicks!

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use cases

This is the DAG company website specializing in providing consulting services in the field of crypto-currency trading. The main goal of this web resource is to attract the attention of the target audience to the company services.

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No successful business can live without its own dedicated website. Investing in such projects development pays off by itself very quickly.
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Requirements specification

Website requirements specification is a process of creating a document that outlines all the necessary information of your future project.
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User Experience & Design

User Experience is a key component of interaction between your website and a user and allows to get acquainted with your offers.
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QA and Testing

Quality assurance is a development stage when it is made sure that a product to be released fully corresponds with common standards.
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Process Consulting

Process consulting is the analysis of the workflow followed by the development of measures for efficiency improvement.
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Technical Support

You need it when your software solutions has just been released and users accidentally detect a couple of bugs which must be fixed.
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