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Developing a full-featured location tracking apps and cargo delivery automation systems, custom CRM, time tracking and internal communication networks. The experience of our team allows to solve any logistic challenges or create an Uber-like application.

Logistics Software Solutions

The main processes that lay in the basis of the logistics are organization and implementation of a number of operations. Generally, logistics company is sought to provide brilliant service to their clients and have a perfect workflow. Fortunately, logistics companies are able to get great software solutions developed for the needs of the particular company.

Our services include but not limited to the following web solutions listed on the right.

Our team can help you when:

  • We can create an impeccable company website for your business development and growth;
  • We can build a useful Transport Management Solution for simple management of your shipments and documentation;
  • We can design a convenient Warehouse Management System with rich functionality that would meet all your requirements;
  • We are able to construct the applications that would considerably simplify your asset and hub management;
  • We can develop a special customized system for your financial management;
  • We will show you what it means to use brilliant software extensions and how greatly they influence your business improvement and profits increase.

Parcel Tracking Systems

Are intended to let you trail the cargo while it’s on the move, and keep you updated with the current status with a real-time tracking.

Transport Logistics Automation

These kind of web applications are used to plan freight movements, do freight rating across all modes, select the appropriate route and track

Taxi services

Uber-like applications allow customers to reserve taxis at a specified location and time, also make online payments for services received.

CRM & ERP systems

One of the most in-demand services for managing the customer base, making orders for transportation and tracking of cargos.

Carrier Catalogs and Freight Exchanges

These web platforms have changed the face of transport systems, freight forwarding, and the entire logistics sector.

Municipal Transportation Systems

It allows to control the movement of public transport, to schedule and share it with passengers, and implement fares and sell tickets.


  • Freight companies
  • Postal services
  • Municipal Government
  • Taxi services
  • Commercial enterprises
  • E-commerce & Retail
use cases

ERP system development from scratch for Cargo Company. The task that has been delivered to us: automate the working process of the company, simplify communications between employees, and centralize: statistic, requests control, all possible accounting information.

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use cases
Cargo Cards

International Cargo Transportation Website. The service provides you with an ability to make a request for сargo transportation, and also view a catalog of freighters. Easy filter, possibility to send messages and public information about companies allow you easily to find clients or reliable partners.

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use cases

This is something new in the cars renting field. Interesting project with big growing potential. Task, that was given to us - to develop a website which allows anyone easy to find the car. To reach this purpose, offering system was developed that gives an opportunity to find needed offers for different cars.

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No successful business can live without its own dedicated website. Investing in such projects development pays off by itself very quickly.
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Requirements specification

Website requirements specification is a process of creating a document that outlines all the necessary information of your future project.
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User Experience & Design

User Experience is a key component of interaction between your website and a user and allows to get acquainted with your offers.
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QA and Testing

Quality assurance is a development stage when it is made sure that a product to be released fully corresponds with common standards.
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Process Consulting

Process consulting is the analysis of the workflow followed by the development of measures for efficiency improvement.
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Technical Support

You need it when your software solutions has just been released and users accidentally detect a couple of bugs which must be fixed.
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Our company specializes in Web-services and Start-ups development using such technologies as Python\Djano and VueJS
30 in-house employees are working at our company to ensure full-cycle development, starting from preparing specifications and ending with training our clients how to work with the service
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