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Portal Website Design

A web portal is a unified online platform with many different user services. Internet portal usually looks like a homepage with dozens of widgets and links to news resources. Considering the abundance of features, building a web portal can be challenging even for experienced developers.

Tips for Making a Portal Website

  • Data presentation. Web platforms have a lot of sections and pages. It could lead to a clutter of blocks. So you need to design a clear interface and navigation. We advise working through these moments at the prototyping stage.
  • Let people chat. Comments are great. But don’t forget to moderate them carefully. Let users sign in with their social media account to reduce the number of spammers. You can set up a general chat and interest forums. Let people express their thoughts.
  • Navigation menu. To ensure that it’s easy to navigate through multiple sections and pages, we design a website map and navigation menu as early as the prototyping stage.
  • Mobile version. More and more people browse the web from their mobile devices every year. So it’s a good practice to develop a mobile version or a mobile-first design.
  • Statistical tools. Such functionality allows admins to collect accurate data about how many users visited the website, when and on what pages they were most active, etc.

Ads are the main profit source. We recommend building a dedicated advertising module for this purpose. This tool will allow you to flexibly customize ad impressions. You can choose sections, pages, and topics, set up frequency and number of impressions, and display time.

Web portal types



News portals are updated daily with new articles, links, and other fresh content. To ensure that this content reaches users on time, developers often use CDNs.



This type of portal is dedicated to a particular region. In fact, the local portal collects all of the information about the city: posters, news, organizations, directory, ads, etc.



This type of portal contains enormous amounts of data, both from third-party resources and from internal databases. Educational portals must be able to work under the high load of thousands of simultaneous visits. They also should have an advanced search.



Official websites are one of the most visited types of portals. Therefore, when developing a backend, we often use several servers at once. Such web resources often contain news, useful information for citizens, and application forms.


Enterprise B2B portals

Building a corporate portal implies providing company employees with access to corporate data. Enterprise portals are highly customizable. They also contain all the necessary collaboration tools: chat rooms, file sharing, etc.



With developing custom portals, we use an individual approach for every project. Custom web portals tailored to the needs of your business. We can add any kind of module and functionality to your application.

Technical nuances of building a portal

Administrator panel

Usually, building a website includes developing an administrative panel. It has the separation of roles, support for receiving notifications, and additional features to speed up the manager’s work, such as frequently used block templates, multifunctional visual editors, etc.

High traffic

We design your web resource taking into account the expected traffic since it is very easy to lose an audience in this niche. Advice to build a high traffic website: Design a proper architecture with scalability and future workloads in mind; Use robust search engines such as Elasticsearch or Sphinx; Never skip the load testing stage of project delivery; Use autoscaling servers (AWS, Microsoft Azure, Digital Ocean, etc.).

Content distribution

For steady traffic growth, it’s essential to implement the daily updates functionality. Use RSS feeds, email newsletters, reposting content to social media, browser notifications, etc.

разработка интернет портала
use cases

Zhytomyr Regional State Administration Portal

A government portal with the latest news, useful information for citizens, and an application form. The website is fully adapted to show content for people with impaired vision and meets all accessibility standards.

In this project, we prioritized making a user-friendly search and properly designed informational blocks.

разработка интернет портала
use cases

Educational web resource — KNOW

We built this tech startup for our clients from Britain. The portal actively encourages people to share their knowledge. In this project, we implemented a content publishing feature for both articles and videos, called Knode. We also added a platform for video courses with practical assignments.

How to choose the right tech?

Building from scratch

If you’re going to build a website with advanced features, this is the way to go. When using a framework, you’re absolutely free to choose any functionality. Flexible admin panel settings will help to improve and simplify the work of your administrator. Also, the custom approach allows ensuring better security. The downside of building bespoke websites is the higher cost. Sometimes it is a few times higher compared to off-the-shelf solutions because developers make every component from scratch. We at WebCase use Python programming language and its framework Django.

Using ready-made CMS

It’s a great option for small to medium traffic local and news portals. On the plus side, having lots of turnkey modules makes development much easier. We use WordPress, the most popular CMS in the world. Almost a third of all websites in the world are built on it. WordPress was originally designed as a blogging platform. So if your product is aimed at posting lots of news and articles, WP is a good choice. The minus of CMSs is limited functionality. E.g., it’s hard to implement a user account feature. And it’s almost impossible to do a full-featured chat. Plus, it’s hard to optimize and handle load using off-the-shelf platforms. So if you expect to have high traffic, you’d be better off with a custom approach

Tech Stack

With 6+ years of experience in web development, we consult our clients on what technologies will benefit their business the most.


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