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Developing apps to sell, rent or lease property, visualize the residential areas and real estate complexes, as well as industrial design.

Development For Your Real Estate Needs

Real estate industry experiences high demand in quality web applications that can automate tasks, enhance customer experience, introduce new sources of revenue, and boost business growth. The key point here is finding a reliable and professional business partner to make your real estate software tools come to life. Webcase Studio can provide you with the impeccable service and assistance.

And there is so much space for the real estate industry innovation. We have developed outstanding web applications to sell, rent or lease property, visualize the residential areas and real estate complexes, as well as industrial design. Some of the services we offer to a Real Estate companies are presented on the right.


  • We can construct a remarkable Customer Relationship Management system for your needs;
  • We can design and develop a powerful website for your company and a convenient app to simplify your work and improve customer service;
  • We can develop an interactive solution like an online real estate constructor for residential areas, apartments, etc.;
  • We can offer you all of our skills and maximum of efforts, and we are ready to start building your road to the top position on the market right now;
  • We can support your software tool even after its launch.


Real estate catalogs

We develop easy-to-use web catalogs with the system of filtering and sorting.

Automation systems for real estate agents

We create CRM and ERP systems for working with the client database and interactions within the company.

Renting services

They will never get unnecessary as they exclude the intermediaries and make getting or proving such services easier.

Portals for selling new-build properties

We can offer you a unique solution for visualizing certain apartments, as well as the whole residential complexes.

Corporate websites for construction companies

Any business needs to be able to represent itself wisely, and construction businesses are no exception.

Thematic news sources and forums

Share news, create subscription database, promote your services with the help of content, and sell ads.


  • Real Estate brokerages;
  • Real Estate developers;
  • Architects, designers;
  • Property management companies;
  • Governmental agencies;
  • Professional unions and associations (unions of architects).
use cases
Forest Glade

"Forest Glade" is a big residential housing in the Astana suburban territory, that consists of 123 new buildings. Forest Glade offers a unique option to find the best match out of 1,300 variants, in a few steps by choosing the right building, section, floor and construction plan. Out team had the task to develop interactive solution for finding apartment with the required parameters in this residential area. the deadline for this task was really short - 1,5 month.

Solution: Depending on the number of buildings and apartments, a typical solution with manual planning positioning may take around a half a year of hard front-end and back-end development. Webcase Studio developed the unique online builder allowing to find the location of all real estate objects automatically and add them to the website due to the well-designed template.

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use cases

It is the Property Management web-service.
The website is for two groups of users:

  • Agency's clients can easily search dwelling; 
  • Co-workers use the resource as a management object system.

Especially for the catalog, we've developed a filter, which can satisfy all search requests of clients. There is the realtor's own profile on the website. It allows to manage your own objects of property and edit your own information there.

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use cases

Real estate selling website for Astana`s big residential building. Residential building «Axioma» – is full-ready apartment building with 12 floors divided into 8 sections, located in the Astana’s downtown. It contains of 294 apartments with different planning and square, and every one of them build for max living comfort.

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No successful business can live without its own dedicated website. Investing in such projects development pays off by itself very quickly.
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Requirements specification

Website requirements specification is a process of creating a document that outlines all the necessary information of your future project.
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User Experience & Design

User Experience is a key component of interaction between your website and a user and allows to get acquainted with your offers.
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QA and Testing

Quality assurance is a development stage when it is made sure that a product to be released fully corresponds with common standards.
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Process Consulting

Process consulting is the analysis of the workflow followed by the development of measures for efficiency improvement.
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Technical Support

You need it when your software solutions has just been released and users accidentally detect a couple of bugs which must be fixed.
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We are a web design studio that exclusively focuses on startups, business automation and custom application development.
Taking over web development with more than 76 total years of our 30+ persons team expertise, the company has built its legacy on a strong foundation that focuses on the use of practical competence in Python programming language and Django framework.
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