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Building a Website for a Travel Agency

We design and build fully-featured travel websites for tour operators, travel agencies and companies. Our solution will help you boost sales, strengthen your marketing game, and give your customers a great user experience.

Main features of a booking portal

Convenient search

Users would be able to search for tours by multiple parameters: location, pricing policy, number of rooms for booking, dates, etc. Additional search filters might include options, like hotel star rating and accommodation type.

Map integration

Extensive search functionality is key to delivering a great user experience on a travel booking website. Advanced booking websites allow users to search places to stay on an interactive map. This feature requires API integration with a third-party service, like Google Maps.


This function lets your visitors request booking a seat, ticket, hotel room, etc. They also should be able to cancel advance reservations easily.

Visual editor for uploading new data

The visual editor is an admin panel with different access rights, including privileged access rights for those who place ads for booking places—hotel owners, tour operators, airline companies, etc.

Payment gateway

Ideally, you should provide users with an option to pay online for rooms they booked. Your developers should connect a payment gateway to your website. This will allow users to pay with their credit card through a simple process with an automatic or manual confirmation.


Tour & travel services usually have a newsletter that informs their subscribers about new offers. You can send multiple channels to deliver your message—email, push notifications, messengers, etc. The newsletter will attract more visitors to your website and help you increase sales.

How to build a travel
ticket booking website

Niche research

Conduct a marketing analysis of the targeted market. In this case, this niche is the travel business.


Your future website’s functionality should include features like advanced search and filtering, booking, map integration, etc.

Project structure

Plan the architecture and select software tools. If you expect that there would be a large number of simultaneous users, it is necessary to provide a fault-tolerant system with multiple servers. Another option is to move your website to the cloud.


Adapting the UI to the user's needs is crucial. Especially when it comes to building a travel agency website. Ideally, any visitor should be able to complete a targeted action on the site in no more than three clicks.

Backend and API integration

APIs help speed up the development process and extend the functionality of the web app with minimal effort. For example, you will be able to connect the payment gateway and credit cards without the need to develop everything from scratch.

Launching the platform & tech support

Any website needs technical support and regular updates. Continuous technical maintenance will allow you to react and adapt to changing market demands without delay.

создание сайта турагентства
use cases

Travel website Queen Tour

We made a tourist portal with a catalog of popular holiday destinations: tours, countries, cities, hotels. The service helps customers to pick the best place to rest. The website allows clients to pick up the tour to choose an affordable tour they would love. Queen Tour describes the hottest tours and destinations. And a convenient search helps them to make the right decision.

создание сайта турагентства
use cases

Travel agency website Azov Resort

On this website, visitors can choose the best offer for vacation on the Azov Sea. There is an interactive map with offers and an ability to filter them by hotel type. Look out for auction offers, they can help you save significantly on your trip. The service lets admins highlight special offers to help users save on the trip.

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