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Main information
Cost: Free
Start: 19.02.2018 г.
Time period: 6 weeks
Schedule: Mon-Fri from 16:30 till 18:00
Address: Berdyansk, Parvdy, 80а
Number of people: 6
Questionnaire is accepting up to: 15.02.2018


skills and knowledge

  • analytical thinking;
  • basic understanding of HTML and CSS;
  • advanced PC user.

Will be

a plus:

  • specialized education;
  • basic knowledge of Photoshop.

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for course, you need:

More about the course

This course is a great opportunity to get an education and start to work in IT.

You will know the hypertext marker language (HTML) and cascade style sheets (CSS). You will be introduced to Photoshop and how to do create the layout.

We will teach you the basics of cross browser and responsive layout, that will allow you to develop websites from PSD.

In case of successful course ending you will get the certificate

The main focus will be on practical homeworks. The best students will be rewarded an internship in our company with further employment.

All questions you can send to the email:

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