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eCommerce website design process

01. Diving into your business and market research

To achieve your business goal, our team studies your niche deeply. Based on the data obtained, we figure out what solutions will work, bring profit, and improve your position on the market compared to competitors.

02. Writing specs and making a prototype

Requirements specification and prototype are the foundation without which the website may collapse. For each project, we write a spec with a description of all the online store’s functions and algorithms. At the same time, we build a prototype for the visual representation of your future website.

03. Designing UI

When creating a design, we take into account your wishes and marketing trends to make sure that the website interface is easy and clear for users (UX / UI) and that it presents a product or service in the most favorable color.

04. Coding and 3rd-party integration

The next stage is the development of the software itself. Our devs code frontend and backend parts. They also connect third-party delivery services, online payment systems, emailing, etc.

05. Quality Assurance. Testing

Testing the quality of the work is one of the most important parts of the development process. Our QA experts check whether the website is built in accordance with mockups, cross-browser, and adaptability standards. We go over all the functionality of your online store using test cases compiled specifically for your project.

06. Launch and tech support

When you approve the results, we move the web app to your server. Our experts will help you with server and domain settings, connect SSL certificates, and advise on other matters. The warranty on the developed product is valid for 6 months. During this time, we eliminate any problems or errors free of charge.

Custom Online Store will help you achieve 4 Goals

We don’t make websites just for the sake of it. We are interested in getting results and achieving your goals

Inform your clients

Your customers would be able to check everything they need about your company. Tell them about your services, prices, share your contact information. Get your message out there.

Build your brand

Increase your brand awareness with unique and consistent corporate imagery. Communicate the right emotion to your customers and reach them across multiple channels.

Skyrocket your sales

A well-designed online store will help you to nurture quality leads, increase conversion rates, and an average paycheck. Then reap even more results by syncing the website to your CRM app.

Conquer new markets

Discover new market opportunities, reach more people, and launch new services with your custom web application.

Case Study: “GASH”

Mattress Workshop “Gash”. Custom mattresses production


To make buying mattresses easy and informative


A mattress is a complex object with many variations (weight, height, firmness scale, sagging), and its price depends on the size and composition (layers of different thickness in a well-defined, unique sequence). Users can design their own mattress and learn the most important information about it.

Кейс Gash

Case Study: “Prosvet”

Online store of Ayurvedic products


To develop a service for selling traditional medicine online. The web app should allow users to buy goods online, participate in promotions, accumulate points, and raise their status on the website to get discounts.


To achieve the laid out goal we

  • developed promotional module
  • set up the integration with payments systems, bookkeeping software, and marketing automation platform.
  • created user ranks and statuses that allow them to earn points, get discounts, invite referrals, and much more.
Кейс Просвет

Case Study: “Totis”

TOTISPHARMA GROUP LTD. is one of the leading companies in the beauty industry. It is an official distributor of well-known European brands in Ukraine. “Totis” works with large manufacturers, like Croma (Austria), Simildiet, Innoaesthetics, ME Line (Spain), Mastelli (Italy), and Dr.Spiller (Germany).


To provide a convenient platform for b2b clients

To implement the marketing tools aimed at increasing brand engagement and key growth indicators


To provide clients with the best service, we digitalized existing workflows and implemented features like a flexible discount builder, an advanced loyalty program, and a recipe function.


Team of 5–7 people

We assign a close-knit team to each project. Teams consist of a project manager, designer, frontend and backend developers, and a tester. Every one of them focuses on results because of our company's internal drive.




We sign up a non-disclosure agreement of confidential information with each client. We’ll add a website to a case study or portfolio only after you approve it.

Systematic approach

We research your niche and business needs of your market and target audience, marketing trends, and only after that we start working on requirements specifications and the prototype.



6 months warranty

We know that you can’t test a complex online store in 5 days. You need to launch, attract customers, train staff to work with the website. So we give you a 6-month warranty. During this time, we troubleshoot any issues for free.

Your eCommerce website will benefit from integration with these apps

Third-party integrations

Efficient operation of online stores requires integration with third-party services. Properly set up synchronization with these services allows you to automate most of your daily tasks.

When building an online store, we integrate it with payment systems aggregators and delivery services, accounting software, IP-telephony services, email providers, etc.

Get a development time and cost estimate

Depending on your business’s goals, we’ll help you choose the right technology stack, essential third-party apps to integrate with, and hand-pick the best solutions to solve your business challenges.

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You need a custom website (instead of CMS), when you got:

Lots of items and need an easy search

If you have tens or even hundreds of thousands of products, you should pay attention to the ease of searching through them. Your customers should be able to intuitively use the online store and find the right product within no more than 3 clicks.

Various marketing tools

To take over competitors, you need to retain the customer by all means. The bigger your online store, the more complex and sophisticated the website's marketing functionality should be. Cumulative discount system, product gift, volume discount, free shipping, email reminders, related products, package offers—all these should work smoothly in one system, with a user-friendly interface and performance analytics.

Complicated order fulfillment process

In big organizations, numerous departments work and communicate with each to fulfill orders. With a custom online store, you can automate the coordination between marketing, sales, accounting, and logistics departments.

Many partners

Have many suppliers or wholesalers? Automate your work with them or give your partners additional features, and they will surely appreciate it. With user accounts in place, you'll make the job easier for both yourself and them.

Complex management

The bigger the store, the more people work for you: sales, support, content management, analysts, SEO specialists, marketers. Each of these roles should’ve its own function with clear separation and logging of actions.

Unique workflows

Creating a custom online store is not an easy task. You should give it to seasoned developers who have experience in this industry. It's also worth thinking about building MVP for your online store. This will allow you to test a mini-version of the product and understand how to develop it further.

More than 350 successful projects in 6 years

On behalf of the "Kvartal 95" studio we would like to thank our partner "WebCase" web studio for developing the website for the "Kvartal TV" project. During the time of cooperation with the web-studio, the team of developers has shown its ability to approach the tasks with full responsibility, to perform tasks with high quality and on time. A distinctive feature of the work is high professionalism, communication skills and interest in the work performed. We recommend the studio as a reliable and stable partner. Studio kvartal 95 is pleased with the work done and will be pleased to continue our cooperation with the WebCase studio!

Marchenko Sergey

head of digital department

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