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Building a cashback website

Cashback service is a website that helps internet users return a certain percentage of the money they spent on online purchases. Unlike traditional discounts and rebates, cashback services reward those customers who make purchases with their credit cards. Let’s talk about building a cashback service and what difficulties you may encounter when making it yourself.

Cashback website features

Multi-language UI

These services are designed for a large audience, so the interface should be available in several languages.

User-friendly search

Filtering with a list of shops that have a cashback service is available. Sorting options.

User account

Order history, reviews, active coupons, message history.

Cashback withdrawal

API integration with Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Stripe, and other services. Connecting to mobile operators to enable mobile accounts top-up.


A list of additional discount coupons and promotions with a live update, news and different useful articles.

Online chat

Dialog box to talk to the operator, option to contact the stores’ administration.

Cashback service benefits

Nice discount

Buying goods at a greater discount than ever before.

Loyalty program

Taking part in a loyalty program that allows users to increase the percentage of refunds as they shop. This share is usually around 5-15% of the amount on the check.

Discounts at partner stores

Discounts at partner stores. Even bigger savings when shopping at partner stores.

use cases


Cash Returner is a classic cashback service with a list of stores, “favorites” section, auction sliders, and easy search. Get back a percentage of the cash you spent on purchases in just a few clicks.

use cases


CashBackChange is a free web service designed to search for cryptocurrency exchanges, online banking, and money transfers. It has a unique cashback option and a two-tier affiliate system. Exchange and earn in two clicks.

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