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Creating a website with user profiles

A user account is an element of the website that tailors the UX to each individual user. This functionality gives users access to features specific to their accounts (e.g., personal data, discount programs, payment cards, etc.). Let’s talk about the importance of enabling personal profiles in more detail.

Making a website with membership

Based on our experience, we offer the following standard set of features that are essential when developing a personal account:

  • Login form with sign-in option for different user types
  • Section with users’ personal data
  • History of interaction with a client/partner.
  • Personal discount program. Information about discounts, promotions, and other bonuses.
  • Electronic document flow. Ability to issue bills and acts and do other things related to documentation.
  • Online chat or contact form with company's reps.

What types of websites need user profiles?

Online store

A personal account is a key feature for eCommerce websites. Thanks to the personal account, users will be able to use a shopping cart, apply individual discounts, speed up the purchase process by pre-filling their order details, review previous purchases, and track the active orders’ statuses.

Web portal

Since most web portals’ visitors come from mobile devices, you should ensure that your portal looks and works great on mobile. A few tips:

  • Design a mobile version and/or mobile-first layout
  • Conduct thorough testing with different devices and browsers. We use specialized software for QA.

Corporate website

Corporate websites often have a couple of user roles with different rights: regular users, company employees, and admins. Adding user accounts enables to delineate rights for these roles.


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use cases

Clothing manufacturer’s website

Official website of textile apparel manufacturer brand “Pani Yanovska”. Multi-featured online store with extended user account functionality.

use cases

Official website of the comedy show “League of laughter”

The website contains all the information about leagues and teams for the entire period of the TV show’s existence. It also allows aspiring teams to apply online for participation in the new seasons of League of Laughter.

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