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Developing software as a service solution is a great way to lower the entry barrier for your target audience. In this case, clients can use your SaaS product online without downloading and installing any programs. Your platform will provide all the services right in the users’ browser. Let’s talk about the details of building a SaaS platform.

Essential SaaS application features

API integrations

To maximize SaaS capabilities, developers connect third-party services and data sources via APIs. There are also special ready-made web services that help scale your SaaS solution.

Built-in analytics and reporting tools

To help your users develop their business using your SaaS app, make sure that your SaaS product has dedicated analytics and reporting tools in place. These modules will help users to systematize workflows and structure the data they work with.

Centralized management

SaaS is the optimal solution for those looking to scale their enterprise with as little staff expansion as possible. Don't want to bloat your IT department? With SaaS, you don't have to. A centrally managed product, SaaS software is incredibly easy to configure. A single system administrator can do this job.

Creating a SaaS product requires a reliable tech stack. We build SaaS projects using Python & Django. These technologies allow us to make adjustments at any stage of product development. This stack is highly flexible and scalable. That’s why we use it.

SaaS products require continuous maintenance and improvement after the launch.

We’ll assign a dedicated manager and a team of frontend and backend developers to your project.

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