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The true potential of your business can be developed even more by creating an awesome website. You have no other ways to hold your position on the market without spreading the information about your services online. “But I can do this by simply using social media”, you might say. Yes, social media marketing is a great fuel for your breakthrough. However, you just cannot compete without a high-quality website.

The small business web site design is a point of interest for entrepreneurs worldwide. It can help you to clearly describe the products and services you offer, promote your company, attract new landlords and tenants, etc. The fact is that real estate website design can emphasize your uniqueness, professionalism, ambitions, and capabilities in order to beat your competitors.

This article will lead you through the design essentials and answer the question that bothers you the most: how to design a business website?

3 Steps to Small business Website Design that Works for Your Success

Before we dive into the depth of peculiarities, let’s take a look at the core needs of your website:

  • it has to reflect all of your business specifics,
  • it needs to take into account your corporate color scheme,
  • it must be intuitive, simple and seamless.

Each of these points has its own background. First of all, you build the website to improve your business and increase the profit. Essentially, this is the main reason for all the modifications and innovations you start implementing. Besides that, even if the website does not look so good, or does not meet every visitor’s aesthetic requirements, it must provide impeccable UX. Such UX is the best way to make your visitors come back.

The next question we would like to discuss with you is whether you have a website that you want to improve or you need to build it from scratch. Redesign may cost take more time and effort than building the website from scratch. Additionally, developing a product from scratch allows more flexibility.

Pay attention to the following points in order to get the website that will blow up your conversion rates:

1. Make It Functional

As we have mentioned above, it is the user experience that matters the most. This is why your website design should be not only beautiful but also highly functional.

Take note: the number of mobile users multiplies annually. Nowadays, people prefer browsing the Internet using their smart devices. It is convenient and time-saving: potential customers can visit your website in public transport, during a walk, or while having a coffee at a local coffee house. So, take care of them.

  • Responsiveness

Reach the amazing website look and load perfectly on every device by implementing the responsive design tips and practices. Let your web pages look awesome on the screens of every size, model, and device. Getting rid of the never-ending zooming allows users to enjoy the website content and significant information.

  • Cross-Browsability

The IT world offers us various solutions and apps for every device, and Internet browsers are no exception. You can install the one that serves you best and enjoy its amazing functionality. Your website should look awesome in each of them. If the number of browsers your website is compatible with is limited, you literally lose potential customers.

  • Navigation

You have 8 seconds to win the attention of potential customers. So, let them reach the sections they need within 3 clicks. The information buried down below tons of useless content will remain abandoned till you optimize the website. So, do not make your potential customers waste time thinking about how to find a certain button. Make their journey pleasant.

At this point, things are quite clear. If the users do not like the way the website looks and cannot find the needed information, they will simply close the page and switch to your competitor’s site.

2. Take Care of Web Page Loading Speed

Another thing to pay attention to is that time is money. Here we mean not only your time as a successful entrepreneur, but also the personal time of your former and potential customers.

It is common for business owners and administrators to add extremely large pictures to the pages of a website. Yes, they look great, but users cannot see them. Some people have a slow Internet connection, others limit their traffic. Reasons may vary, but the tip here is that your website has to provide the information as fast as possible to make visitors stay.

Do you want to find out if your website is fast? Google Webmaster tools can clarify this for you. Install it and measure the load time. If the score is 80 or higher, it is all good. If it is below 80, you should optimize the website.

3. Add Some Entertainment

What is your first association with the word “design”? What do you imagine when thinking about creativity? These words are associated with visual elements and thus need to be followed by nice pictures.

To improve the small business landing page design, try to use attractive, creative and professional photos. They can fulfill the following 2 essential tasks for you:

  • first of all, they draw users’ attention within seconds,
  • secondly, professional images are great design elements and are the best way to describe your service, goods and your office.

High-resolution images that are compatible with different devices and browsers is significant here. If images slow down your website, reduce their size.

Images are not the only elements to use. Additionally, you can integrate Google Maps with your web pages to provide visitors with up-to-date information on where exactly your office is located. Videos, panoramic photos, building blueprints – all these design elements will improve your website.

For example, motion design is an excellent opportunity for brands to present their key ideas and values. Advertising uses motion-graphics to stand out from the general flow and to bring the advertising message to the audience in a matter of seconds.

Infographics and the production of any digital content in general start using motion design. Of course, it is sometimes more convenient to reflect some ideas through static, but complex concepts are better assimilated in dynamics.

The animation is a great way to spread ideas and get involved in the content. The spectator follows the story, but the sound and animated graphics literally paint in his mind a picture that is easy to remember.

The trends in your business web design are dictated by the media, technology, novelties in marketing, fashion and, more recently, ease of use. The trend appears slowly, gradually penetrating into all aspects of design, and then disappears in a similar way. In principle, the life cycle of the trend of design does not exceed one or two years. Design of 2018 will continue the trends of 2017, however, complemented by fresh bright ideas and colors. Smart web design can easily increase your sales. More tips on how to increase your sales by 300% you can find in this article.

Best Website Design Practices for business

We analyzed the trends and tips that really work for a small business website. Here, you can take a look at the best practices of top website design companies that will lead you to success.

  • Minimalism is in Trend

Minimalism is trendy. Decrease the number of unnecessary, useless elements. This tip will help you to draw visitors’ attention to the things that really matter and will increase your profit.

  • Focus on the Essentials

Make sure your menu reflects only the most needed sections. Predict the users’ needs and emphasize them in your menu.

  • Bold Type

It is important to make users read the information you provide. Leading companies and their marketing specialists believe that bold type may help you to put the important details into a person’s mind more easily.

  • Quality over Quantity

Let the elements of your design be one-of-a-kind. For example, do not try to put in as many pictures as possible, but hire an experienced photographer and post only the best pictures. We recommend you pay extreme attention to the quality of the content and services you provide.


With a competent business website design company that can help you improve your website or build a new one, you can reach new heights on the local or even global market. By implementing simple practices, following the latest trends, and keeping the quality at its highest level, you will join the list of the leaders.

If you have any doubts concerning attractive design, contact us today! Get our experts’ advice, find out more about the web design industry, and cooperate with business design specialists!

Ilya Smyrnov

Author: Ilya Smyrnov

Position: CEO, Business analyst

Biography: Более 8 лет занимаюсь анализом бизнесов клиентов и повышаю их эффективность с помощью внедрения IT-решений.

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