Evgeny Sokolov-Rudakov

Our agency has been working with WEBCASE enough time to form its opinion. During this time, three complex projects with non-trivial logic were developed. All three projects were developed on a turnkey basis.

Acting as a contractor, WEBCASE employees were extremely loyal to the edits of our agency. Emotionally, our agency is completely satisfied and is ready to recommend WEBCASE as a reliable contractor capable of delivering projects of medium to high complexity on time, or even in an extremely short time. Also, we cannot fail to notice the aspect of high technical competence at competitive prices for projects. All this creates rational motives to start cooperating with WEBCASE.

We expect that our cooperation with WEBCASE will be long-term, and the products of WEBCASE will set a high standard of quality, to which other market players will also strive.

Thank you for your interest!

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