Evgeny Sokolov-Rudakov

We have worked with WEBCASE studio for a long time, and we got our personal opinion. During this time 3 complex projects with non-standard logic was developed. All 3 projects was developed “from scratch”.


Being our contractor, WEBCASE studio took all our edits with loyalty. If we are talking about emotional part, our agency is fully satisfy and ready to recommend WEBCASE studio as the reliable partner, who are able to develop middle and high complex projects due to the deadline, and even due to extreme deadline. Also we cannot pass by the fact of high tech competence of the team with competitive prices for projects. All of that creates rational motives for working with WEBCASE studio.


We hope that our partnership with WEBCASE will be long term, and the products of WEBCASE studio will show high quality level, that will be an example for other players of the market.

Thank you for your interest!

We will contact you soon