Sergey Kravtsov

Last summer, we were faced with the need to completely redesign our site, not only from the standpoint of design, but also from the side of the admin panel. While we were looking for an executor to develop our project, we sent letters to several companies. So why did we choose WebCase?
Firstly, we liked the communication with their manager even before the start of the project. All our questions were answered very quickly. In the course of work, communication with the company manager was also incredibly useful, we received all the answers almost instantly, we constantly knew at what stage the project was and what work was being done at the moment. All work was completed strictly on time, during the testing of the site, all errors found were eliminated promptly.
After the release of the site, several minor bugs were found, but the WebCase studio quickly fixed everything. We are very pleased with the work with this company, so we are planning projects for the future.

Thank you for your interest!

We will contact you soon