Sergey Kravtsov

Last summer we faced the necessity for a complete change of our website, not only its design but also the admin panel. While looking for a contractor to do this job, we addressed several project teams. Why have we chosen Webcase?

First, we liked communicating with their manager even before starting the project. Thanks to him we got answers to all our points of interest in very short time. In the course of work the manager was really helpful answering any questions we had and kept us informed about the progress. Everything was done in time and at the stage of testing all the errors, which had been found in the system operation were eliminated very fast.

After the work had been delivered, several not significant mistakes were found, but almost in no time Webcase professionals did everything to fix them. We remained more than satisfied with the Webcase team’s work, so we are planning our cooperation in the future.

Thank you for your interest!

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