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If you are an enterprise owner, you certainly strive to optimize all working processes in your production in every possible way. One of the simplest and most effective solutions to transform your employees’ workflow is using special business solutions that can help automate some routine and cyclically repeating business tasks.

  • What tasks do your employees perform regularly and repeatedly?
  • What are the reasons for delays and problems in implementing these tasks?
  • What are the problem areas that decrease the productivity of the entire organization?
  • What data types do employees work with and what parameters are used to sort them?
  • How is reporting on working processes done in the enterprise?

Have you answered all of these questions?

That's great - now you know which workflows can be automated.

We have successfully implemented dozens of web projects to automate work processes at enterprises. They are put into operation after already being fully configured. Therefore, your employees will not need to acquire any special skills to work with this new software. Also, such solutions can be scaled from time to time, in accordance with changing business requirements of enterprise owners.


ERP System for Cargo Company
The task that has been delivered to us is: automate the working process of the company, simplify communications between employees, and centralize: statistic, requests control, all possible accounting information.
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Real Estate Search Website
The Website is for two groups of users: Agency's clients can easily search dwelling, and co-workers use the resource as a management object system.
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System for dating agency automatization
For the solution of this task, we divided the website into several main categories such as customer database, employee daily work reports, work management (calendar, tasks, training) and some support sections. Each Section was developed and tested.
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Don’t know what CRM system to choose?

Today you can find a lot of ready-made solutions on the Internet that are developed nearly for all business areas. But every company has its unique business processes. So, employment of ready-made solutions will deprive of you flexibility and time, as you are forced to adapt your business processes to the automatization methods of the chosen system.

We are against pre-made solutions. To develop the most effective system, we perform thorough analysis of all business processes, considering all current tasks and all client's specifications.


We are the web-production studio
Our main focuses are business solutions development and startup web-app development using the Python programming language and Django framework.
We engage 28 full-time employees. We provide our clients with full-service CRM development, from the specification file development to training our clients how to use an app or website.

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