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To date, software integration is a standard procedure for optimizing data processing by different systems deployed within one enterprise.

This service is especially relevant for medium and large-scale organizations, in which dozens of different kinds of software are simultaneously used. In such cases, most of them turn to the same database during the single workflow. As practice shows, each such request provokes time expenses and risks associated with manually entering the same data. That is why the autonomous co-existence of each system is completely unprofitable for business owners. So, let's see what kinds of problems will the software integration solve:

  • Work processes acceleration. The co-existence of all information systems as a single mechanism allows avoiding repeated manual data entries. This innovation has a very positive effect on the time dedicated to executing business processes.
  • Human factor reduction. Repeated data entry can entail not only time expenses but also cause errors. The main reason of which is inattention of your employees. In turn, the software integration will minimize those risks.
  • Costs reduction for consolidated reporting. Usually, to get a report on the work processes of the whole enterprise, at first, you should collect data from each department. Then, order it and after that, consolidate it into a single report. When every information system works autonomously this becomes a very time-consuming task and vice versa. If these systems are integrated with each other, you need much less time to get the report data.
  • Workload reduction on enterprise employees. Routine work can become a strong demotivating factor for many enterprise employees. To avoid their dismissal, you need to integrate all the systems in your enterprise. It gives you a really good opportunity to assign your employees more intellectual tasks without the need to increase their workload.
  • Providing centralized control over all functioning systems. To optimize the information systems processes and minimize downtime associated with the hardware/software failure, you should provide the centralized control and, as a bonus, assign it to only one person.
  • Raising the data security level. Multithreaded access to the same database increases the data interception probability. Unlike this, when data enters the systems through a single channel, it is much easier to ensure its security.

Among our achievements - dozens of integration projects successfully implemented both at very small and large enterprises. Therefore, you can be absolutely sure that you will get an efficient, well-functioning and fully customized web solution that will be ready for an immediate launch.


Online payment through PayPal and Stripe
To pass paid online courses for the British Startup, the "Know" project, we have to connect a couple of the most popular payment European and the US systems. The the choice fell on Stripe for credit cards and PayPal for electronic payments.
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Zoho CRM integration
Our company has implemented integrations with a large number of CRM systems, in particular amoCRM, Bitrix24, Bpm'online CRM. Recently, the consulting company WhiteSales asked us to implement the integration with the popular customer relationship management system ZOHO CRM.
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Interaction with Google Maps
The essence of the ZAPRAUKA.BY project is to find the nearest gas station throughout Belarus and to build an optimal route to it, depending on the location of the user. An excellent solution for the delivered task is integration with the Google Maps API.
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Viber ChatBot
To communicate with the client in a convenient web environment, Chat Bots will be an excellent solution. They will simulate live chat with the person aimed to save the time and solve routine tasks. So to get acquainted with the list of our services, we developed a Viber ChatBot solution.
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Types of integrations:


Data exchange modules to synch with:

  • ERP and CRM integration (ZOHO, HubSpot, Salesforce, Oracle, NetSuite, ProsperWorks etc.)
  • Mobile Applications;
  • Marketplaces (Amazon, Ebuy, JD Gain, Etsy, Rover, Alibaba, etc.)


Third-party services:

  • Geolocation and Cartographic systems;
  • Language and Search Services;
  • E-mail Services, Editors of Texts and Presentations;
  • Systems of Cloud Storage and their publication;
  • Blog Platforms and Content Hosting Services;
  • Aggregators of Financial Information;
  • Internet Collections of various orientations;
  • Delivery Services;
  • Payment Systems integration (Stripe, PayPal, Apple Pay, Due, Amazon Payments, Skrill, Google Wallet etc. )


Chat-bots and omnichannel services.

Chatbots have a wide array of benefits for most of web-applications. They not only save your employees time, but they can completely replace some of them. With their help, you can organize customer-servicing outfit, internal corporate documents flow and solve a lot of routine tasks.

Usually, they are connected to omnichannel services, allowing simultaneous use of all physical (offline) and digital (online) communication channels and assuming an innovative ability to completely track the client's way and record the history of interaction with him.



Our company specializes in Web-services and Start-ups development using such technologies as Python\Djano and VueJS
30 in-house employees are working at our company to ensure full-cycle development, starting from preparing specifications and ending with training our clients how to work with the service

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