IT consulting includes software optimization and development, picking the right equipment, as well as some optional services, like building and promoting a website.

Information technology consulting can also imply an audit of your company’s intellectual resources and managerial infrastructure. In other words, an IT audit reduces your business’ expenses and increases workforce productivity without sacrificing quality.

Get professional advice and reach your goals. We’ll help you to

Reduce expenses on your business’ IT component

With a properly implemented IT strategy, your business will become even more profitable.

Optimize business processes and workflows

Reduce your enterprise’s time expenses and improve customer service.

Automate work with your clients

Manage your accounting and documentation, keep track of KPIs important to your company.

Gain competitive edge

A digital strategy will help you develop every aspect of your business and conquer new heights.

Benefits of working with us


Don’t squander your company’s precious resources on one-time technical tasks.

Niche expertise

Don’t have IT professionals for each narrow domain in your company? We got this covered.

Following trends

We’ll help you choose the right technologies for both your new goals and established processes.

Immediate help

Prompt troubleshooting of your local technical issues.

Fresh perspective

Third-party consultants can offer you a new unbiased perspective on the state of your IT system.

Single point of responsibility

We’ll take full responsibility for all software development areas.

Our studio has been providing IT consulting services for over 6 years. We got competent experts on our team. Just check out testimonials from our clients.

Over the last 6+ years, we’ve built a strong in-house development department. Each project is supervised by a seasoned manager who controls it on all stages.

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IT consulting


The right IT strategy allows you to build your business effectively.

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How it works

  • Interview. You tell us what problems you need to solve and what goals you want to achieve.
  • Discussion. We hold a meeting with experts relevant to your task and appoint a liaison person.
  • Result. We draw up a document that describes the solution and contains an actionable roadmap.

Our pricing models

We offer two service delivery models. You can choose the one that best suits your business task

Fixed price

In the fixed price model, we set the final cost and deadline in the contract at the beginning of the project.
So you get guarantees that your website would be delivered within the allocated budget and time frame. It’s crucial to write a precise and extensive functional and technical specification to deliver a quality product with this type of project.
Fixed price model is perfect for small to medium-size projects of average complexity.


The alternative web development pricing model is called time-and-materials (T & M).
We’ll provide a carefully selected dedicated team specifically for your tasks. We’ll chunk your project into a few iterations or sprints. At the end of each phase, we’ll deliver a fully functional version of your product. In this model, you’ll have full freedom to change the requirements, priorities during the project.
The T & M model is the best for big, complex, and disruptive projects.

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