Process Consulting

Any IT business is a complicated system consisting of many functional parts. As in all the other spheres, the overall work of such a structure depends heavily on each of the parts. However, line-of-business and IT domain were historically very much separated. In fact, they started unification and cooperation only at the dawn of data-driven and cloud-based technologies. Therefore it is still sometimes difficult to manage all the dispersed and dissimilar processes inside one corporate structure. Yet there is an effective solution to this problem - process consulting.

Process consulting means the analysis of the company’s workflow. It is usually followed by the development of the system of measures for its efficiency improvement. Performed right, process consulting is an extremely powerful tool of the workflow optimization. With its help, various burning issues can be resolved quickly. For example, a client can ask for control and supervision of the work performed by a company. It is also possible for a team to need help from another one on the stage of laying the project’s foundation or, on the contrary, while conducting final testing and assessment. Problems which can call for the process consulting may also include server rent, domain usage assistance, one-time work IT outsourcing, project management, risk planning, technical consulting, etc.

Key Benefits of Working with Us


No need to spend your limited resources for one-time technical tasks;

Clear expertise

There is no need for IT-specialists with technical proficiency in niche areas;

Follow trends

Choosing the most suitable technologies for new tasks and giving recommendations for improving the current technologies;

Timely actions

Solving local technical issues rapidly and in time;

Renewed vision

Forming an alternative point of view regarding the current information system;

Complete responsibility

There is a single point of responsibility for all the sectors of the development process.

Why We Succeed

Your tasks require project management and evaluation of contractors' competence, technical advice and risk planning?


The workflow:

  • You tell us about the issue and your vision of our participation in solving it;
  • According to the situation and tasks, we hold a meeting with specialists and assign the person responsible for direct consultations;
  • In case it is necessary, we prepare documentation with the detailed description of the solution or the work plan.

Work models

Fixed Price

Fixed Price model is a perfect fit for providing consulting services when their amount is pre-determined, be it helping to create the application architecture or determining the functionality for an MVP. We thoroughly describe the list of the tasks that will be fulfilled, estimate the costs and time frames and put them into the agreement. You can plan your budget further and rest assured that our part of work will be done without any additional costs.

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Time & Material

Time & Material model is suitable for tasks that need to be done regularly in case their amount is not possible to predict or it is unknown what specialists will be required during a certain stage of your operations. You are always aware of our hourly rates which provides you with enough flexibility in terms of choosing certain specialists according to your needs.

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