Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is a software development stage, during which to make sure that a product to be released fully corresponds with common standards of accessibility, consistency, performance, compatibility with OS, etc. Basically, respective experts apply various tactics in order to enhance quality of the software creation process during each stage – from the composition of documentation to tech support, which takes place after the product has been released. In turn, quality control is a bit narrower QA specialization that takes care of a product’s correspondence with requirements stated in the documentation. During the process, the code is checked, accordance of design to modern standards is analyzed, and the product itself is tested, both with the help of manual tests and autotests.

Key Benefits of Working with Us

Manual testing

The goal is to reveal bugs and check all the product components in various browsers and on different devices.

Automated testing

Functional testing with the help of special tools, such as Selenium.

Unit testing

Covering the source code with tests in order to track the functional capacity of the application.

Code audit

Analyzing the source code in a web app in details in order to get a bug-free product as the result.

Load testing

Running load tests to make sure that the product is capable of handling various volumes of traffic, especially the ones exceeding the expected limit.

Usability testing

Determining the convenience of using the product and collecting recommendations for improving usability.

Why We Succeed

Annually we release hundreds of projects, each is scrupulously tested by our quality assurance department.

We'll be glad to share our experience with you and bring your project to perfection.


The workflow:

  • Determining the tasks and methods for testing in order to ensure the quality of your project;
  • Adjusting the environment and necessary tools;
  • Revealing issues and adding them to a bug-tracking log;
  • Regressive testing after fixing all the errors and bugs.

Work models

Fixed Price

Testing is a vital part of the web development process, and it is paid according to the cooperation model chosen at the very beginning. In case your project is small-scale with fixed functionality and does not imply any significant changes, this stage is well thought-through, and our team is proficient in this line of work. So your expenses and time investments will be minimal.

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Time & Material

If we develop an application according to Time & Material model, it is impossible to estimate in advance how long every development stage (including testing) will take. However, this is the advantage of this cooperation model – you pay only for what you have received and we guarantee the responsible approach to every hour paid for with the QA specialists.

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