Requirements specification

Website requirements specification is a process of creating a document that outlines all the necessary information of your future project. It is written before the start of the website development for a better understanding of the objectives, deadlines, and peculiarities of its development. Website requirements specification helps gather a successful and efficient team, distribute roles and duties among its members, establish intermediate and final goals and perform them timely and accurately. Additionally, it helps to figure out the project budget for each development stage. That is why such a document will allow you to estimate your pricing policy and possible deadlines accurately. Having a website specification requirements before the project start is one of the crucial points of organizing the workflow. After all, if you fail to plan then you plan to fail!

Key Benefits of Working with Us

Сlear requirements are success base

Any well-grounded architect can tell you: only a goofy person would build a house without first putting some specification down on paper.

Reducing the development price

Every specialist does exactly what is required without wasting time on a redo.

The best ideas are born in disputes

The joint work of yours and our experts allows us to improve the original idea.

Don’t dive in head first

You shouldn't to think of the bigger picture in order to identify the primary functionality of your MVP.

The Right Priorities

Full understanding of the whole project's functionality is a pathway towards proper architecture and development sequence.

Functionality and user expectations

Requirements specification clearly describe how web application functionality will meet user expectations and how they will interact with it.

Fixing development costs

Working according to fixed price model we guarantee that the final result meets as described in the specification.

The peace of mind

The specification is a legal document, an annex to the contract that allows us to move forward with a project while avoiding any abruptness for your down the line.

Time is of the essence

It should give a accurate estimation for a development timeline, and a completion deadline.

Why We Succeed

We'll create an exhaustive list of all the functionality and capabilities about your future project, as well as a legal document. 

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The workflow:

  • One or two-day meeting with the client to collect the requirements and discuss the goals and tasks of the project;
  • Analyzing the target group, creating the website structure and the description of the basic functionality, determining what questions should be discussed;
  • Interim meeting for discussing the questions that have appeared and ideas, as well as specifying the details;
  • Creating the full description of the project and discussing it with the team of the technical specialists to reveal potential problems in the project implementation;
  • Estimating the time frames and the development costs, forming the offer according to the development stages.

Work models

Fixed Price

If you would like to see the specification that reflects all the requirements and the fixed list of features determined before the start of the development and does not provide any opportunities to make significant adjustments to the functionality afterward, you should opt for Fixed Price cooperation model. As our experience has shown, such specifications are used to describe typical projects, such as landing pages, one-pagers, corporate websites and online stores.

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Time & Material

Gathering requirements that are not final at the beginning of the web development and making a room for flexible changes during the product development are typical for Time & Material cooperation model. This model suits scalable projects. The functionality of such a project can be adjusted at the end of every iteration (i.e. sprint). This is why the initial costs of creating the specification at the beginning are lower than in case of Fixed Price cooperation model that requires full detailing of the whole project at the very beginning.

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