Suppose, your software solution has just been released and here’s a mishap: you either decide to implement new features or after server/browser updates, users accidentally detect a couple of bugs which must be fixed. If you are not an expert developer yourself or didn’t take any part in the project creation whatsoever, then personally figuring out what and where to change and correct isn’t an easy task. The most reasonable thing to do in this case would be the employment of IT companies services
Tech support service implies primarily:

  • Implementation of small corrections for an app or website after the release;
  • Prompt bug fixing;
  • Consultation as to any technical questions.

As a result, you will not have to suffer through the wait for developers to find some spare time for your project (as it would happen in case if you don’t ‘book’ the man-hours beforehand). This allows for dramatically reducing expenses related to your business downtime due to the non-functioning (or incorrectly functioning) application or website.

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There are occurrences where, for some or another reason, our customers simply cannot or do not want to continue cooperating with the team of developers that was initially working on the project. Now, when there is a need for certain additions to be made or functionality to be expanded, they want to employ your help.

Notice at once that figuring out someone’s code and adapting it to the common standards is quite a difficult affair which requires much time. We offer a more accessible alternative in some cases. Namely, to create a fully identical solution, which, by the way, can often come out much cheaper and be implemented much faster than the cases of code refactoring (especially, if we’re talking about websites based on the custom written engines).

Nevertheless, we are always ready to meet our customers’ requirements as closely as possible. The result of such corporate policy is pretty obvious – all of our clients prefer to collaborate with us on a constant basis.



We provide you with experts that specialize in and are focused only on bug fixing.


Ensuring complete functional capacity of the application.


Fixing revealed bugs within 6 months after the project is finished.


We always offer improvements in exchange for the unused technical support hours.


Using an internal time-tracking system excludes any misunderstandings.


Technical support includes constant communication with the Project Manager.
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  • Agreeing on the format of determining the tasks and their priorities;
  • Signing the agreement and receiving the prepayment for the agreed number of hours;
  • Working on the current improvements and fixing the bugs;
  • Reporting on fulfilling the tasks and the time spent at the end of the month.

Our pricing models

We offer two service delivery models. You can choose the one that best suits your business task

Fixed price

In the fixed price model, we set the final cost and deadline in the contract at the beginning of the project.
So you get guarantees that your website would be delivered within the allocated budget and time frame. It’s crucial to write a precise and extensive functional and technical specification to deliver a quality product with this type of project.
Fixed price model is perfect for small to medium-size projects of average complexity.


The alternative web development pricing model is called time-and-materials (T & M).
We’ll provide a carefully selected dedicated team specifically for your tasks. We’ll chunk your project into a few iterations or sprints. At the end of each phase, we’ll deliver a fully functional version of your product. In this model, you’ll have full freedom to change the requirements, priorities during the project.
The T & M model is the best for big, complex, and disruptive projects.

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