To build a house you need a plan. To build a website, you need a specification document or simply “spec”. It describes all the key parts of a web project—goals, technical requirements, design and development nuances. Writing specs takes a great deal of research, but it’s not the kind of investment you want to skimp on.


Articulated ideas

Typical project concept consists of different smaller ideas. You need to structure, thought out, and link these ideas together into a precise description. And working on specs is all about achieving precision.

Clear requirements

Any experienced architect knows—construction with no project documentation won’t end well. Web apps also have to meet certain technical criteria in order to get the job done and achieve business objectives.

Proven turnkey solutions

You can choose from dozens of ready-made solutions to implement the desired functionality. And we’ll help you to pick the optimal technologies for your project. Don’t waste time reinventing the wheel.

Outlined directions

It is important to understand how the project will evolve over time and lay its architecture for changes. This step will save time on redoing the code in the future.

Lower cost

With a carefully written website specification document, everyone in the project team will know exactly what to do. So, the project will progress faster and you’ll save money on unnecessary corrections.

Improved concept

Productive discussion always leads to better ideas. We not only execute our client’s ideas but also consult them using our experience. Brainstorming together with your team, we’ll improve the initial concept.

Actionable plan

Don't keep all the details in your head. It’s totally fine to begin with outlining just the key features of your product. We can start with defining your MVP functionality in a spec. It’s critical to test ideas in a real-world environment.

Right priorities

Writing down all the main features ensures your product has the best architecture. Capturing functionality on paper also leads to better project organization and a faster development process.

Exceeded user expectations

Technical specification clearly describes how your app’s features will meet user expectations. Functional requirements specification also defines how users will interact with your web app.

Fixed development costs

A detailed specification document helps to predict the final application costs with high accuracy. By working on a fixed price model, we guarantee that the final result meets the specified requirements.

Reliable guarantees

Website specification is a legally binding document that is a part of a contract. Spec allows to build a project without any misunderstandings between clients, developers, and other parties involved.

Accurate planning

Carefully crafted website specification helps to predict project timing accurately. Rest assured, you’ll launch your product in time. At the same time, meeting a deadline without good documentation is almost impossible.



The project starts with basic questions. Who is your target audience? Who are your competitors? What are their strengths and weaknesses? How will you monetize?

Site map diagram

To visualize the project structure and relations between applicational modules, we make a website map

Writing a detailed document

Describing each part of the project based on the previously conducted research

Project review

Experienced engineers will analyze the project to find potential issues and ways to optimize the product.

Project backlog and quote

We break down the project into functional parts and calculate time costs for a detailed estimation.


Our first meeting with you. We’ll talk about your project’s goals and define initial requirements.

We do the market research, analyze the target audience, compose the website structure, and describe essential functions.

Second meeting. We discuss with our clients the questions aroused in the previous phase, clarify ideas and details.

Writing a complete project description and reviewing it with a technical team to spot possible issues.

Wrapping up the specification. This phase often consists of a few meetings with the client and editing the document in-between.

Development costs and timing estimation. Breaking down the project into stages. Spec is ready and now your project has a solid foundation.


We at WebCase carry out complex web projects daily for the past 5 years. We’ve gained valuable experience by trial, error and digging into subtleties of web design. We believe our knowledge can help to improve your project. We try not to just do as we’re told, but to help our clients to build the right product. Afterall, their success makes them want to use our services again

Stanislav Sychev

Head of Development Department

Consultation on tech specs


The final stage of drawing up a website concept.

Technical requirements ( TR) on web-development


Aligned vision
Better User Experience
Grasping the big picture
Cutting expenses
Seeing things in motion
Start making content right away

Aligned vision

The prototype makes things clear. It helps to make sure that every stakeholder is on the same page about how exactly the project should progress.

Better User Experience

The prototype allows to experiment with various elements of UX. You can rearrange different interface elements without any coding and see what works best for users.

Grasping the big picture

Seeing how each element fits into the one-piece system helps figure out what features to add and what needs to be changed.

Cutting expenses

By agreeing on how your product should look early, you won’t need to spend money on redesign in the later stages, when changing things is more expensive.

Seeing things in motion

When designing an interface, you can’t depict interactive details on a static drawing. Prototyping allows to show and test those dynamic elements.

Start making content right away

Prototype shows what type of content you need to complete the project. It also allows to predict the scope of work. So you can start creating content sooner.

Examples of prototypes

News Portal
Tech Startup
Online Store
Real Estate Directory

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