User Experience & Design

User Experience is a key component of interaction between your website and a user. It allows your potential customer to get acquainted with your products and services. Besides that, it forms the basis of your future cooperation. Every time people visit your company’s website, they are engaged in user experience process. Essentially, your profit depends on the choice the potential customer makes under the influence of the user experience. Another considerable aspect is the website design.

The more attractive and engaging it is, the more likely the visitor is to give preference to your company instead of hundreds of competitors. Web design should be appealing while emphasizing and highlighting your advantages. WebCase Studio specialists love creating perfect user experience and design that is memorable. By applying cutting-edge methodologies and devoting our skills and expertise to your website development, we achieve the best results. We keep in mind that the very first step to your achievements is the UX and design your customers will fall in love with.

Key Benefits of Working with Us

In-depth design examination on prototypes

Get a realistic idea of the final product at the initial stage of development.

Detail oriented design is our forte

We dwell on things we cannot bear to leave tol-lol: favicon and 404 page, articles UI Kit and thank you messages, tooltips etc.

Modular grid layout

The deep understanding of the modular grid and the core principles of adaptive design are the keys to the perfect look for your website on any device.

The best User Experience for your project

We will make sure your customers will be loyal by putting every element where it belongs.

Design workflow

The natural linear progression of design phases, from main page prototype to entire website design.

Focusing on the target audience

We design with the target audience in mind: Minimalism and Classics, Business and Hi-Tech, Retro and Vintage, Art-deco and Skeuomorphism, Organic and Natural, Flat and Polygonal, Metro and Google Material etc.

Why We Succeed

We create designs that are coherent, call for empathy and solve the user’s problem.

It is a science and craft of creating positive emotions through interaction with the product.


The workflow:

  • Discussing the project and collecting the client’s requirements;
  • Creating the user profile, thinking through the scenarios;
  • Developing interactive prototypes that are attached to the specification;
  • Creating the design based on the results from the steps described above and handing it over to the developers.

Work models

Fixed Price

In case of developing a small-scale project with standard functionality, cooperation model according to fixed costs is more suitable. As you and I know for sure the number of pages and functionality of each of them. The cost of creating the design is fixed and stated in the agreement at the very beginning of cooperation. This allows you to plan your expenditures without expecting any additional costs.

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Time & Material

Time & Material cooperation model is the best option for developing UX and application designs as they require flexibility for making changes and adjustments in the process of getting feedback from users. Users are presented with the MVP in the beginning to validate the economic viability of the idea. Charge by the hours allows making your website look perfect up until there is the necessity not to do so.

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