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No successful business can live without its own dedicated website or web application. Investing in such projects development pays off by itself very quickly. This happens due to the following three factors:

  • target audience expansion: thanks to the Internet advertising and SEO, you can find a new customers; category that will be able to get acquainted with your Internet resource;
  • increasing the customers; awareness: the customers who are superficially familiar with your brand and its activities get a great opportunity to learn about them much more;
  • the possibility of implementing online sales: if now your business activity is focused on the offline sales only, creating your own web-based solution is an ideal opportunity to increase your income level thanks to online e-Commerce services.

Well, did you realize what wide horizons can open for you just thanks for the creation of your own web solution? Fortunately, professional web development is one of the main specialties of our team.

Key Benefits of Working with Us

Only the most up-to-date technologies

We always follow the latest software development trends, use the top programming languages, frameworks, and libraries. We work primarily with Python/Django and Vue.js.

The most suitable cooperation model

You can choose the Fixed Price model for a small website with a fixed amount of work or the flexible Time & Material model for complex projects with the perspective of expanding functionality in the future.

A complete team ready to start working today

Having a considerable number of in-house specialists, we are capable to quickly create a team of specialists of required qualification according to the specific needs of your project. This team can carry out your project from A to Z while maintaining the highest standard of excellence.

Legal process and guarantees

We give you all the official documentation according to the law and allow you to choose the most convenient terms of payment for the work carried out.


We provide you with control tools for the whole development process. This includes but is not limited to reports at the end of every week or of every development stage, daily meetings, feedback within 8 hours.

Development costs

Hourly rates of Ukrainian developers are much lower than the ones charged locally. You do not have to pay for managing and organizing the workplace, software development tools licenses and complimentary services.

Why We Succeed

Web development is more than just web design, markup, and programming for us.

It is not just what we specialize in; it is also the embodiment of every specialist's and every project manager’s creativity.

Make your ideas come to life with us!


The workflow:

  • We discuss your idea in terms of potential value for users;
  • We then break the whole development process into stages and modules (so-called user stories);
  • Afterward, we evaluate the complexity and time frames for each stage, create detailed specifications and pages prototypes;
  • Then, we ask for your approval for you to sign the agreement, receive the prepayment and select the best specialists that suit the project to make up the right development team;
  • Based on the above, we develop the project with the provision of intermediate stages results;
  • We release the website to the production, and also train the staff to work with the administrative panel.

Work models

Fixed Price

In web development, Fixed Price cooperation model is a perfect option for projects of small- and middle-scale. In case of such projects, it is possible to precisely determine the functionality and the time frames within the planning stage. If you work with us according to this cooperation model, you will have a guarantee that your project will be carried out with the costs and terms that are fixed and determined in the agreement.

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Time & Material

If you opt for the Time & Material model for the web development of your project, we thoroughly select the right proficient experts that can fulfill your requirements as members of the development team. Afterward, we break the development into stages (also known as sprints). At the end of each sprint, we present you with the ready-to-use functionality. There is a wide range of flexible ways to adjust the requirements specification, change the priorities and control the development process according to the advanced agile methodologies at your disposal.

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