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We don’t make websites just for the sake of it. We are interested in getting results and achieving your goals

Inform your clients

Your customers would be able to check everything they need about your company. Tell them about your services, prices, share your contact information. Get your message out there.

Build your brand

Increase your brand awareness with unique and consistent corporate imagery. Communicate the right emotion to your customers and reach them across multiple channels.

Skyrocket your sales

A well-designed website will help you to nurture quality leads, increase conversion rates, and an average paycheck. Then reap even more results by syncing the website to your CRM app.

Conquernew markets

Discover new market opportunities, reach more people, and launch new services with your custom web application.

What is your project’s goal?

To achieve your objectives, the developer you hire has to be competent both technically and businesswise. With dozens of complex projects under our belt, we gained expertise in various industries that will help you achieve your goals.

Got an idea in mind? Our knowledge and skills are here for you.

Let’s talk your project

How we build websites at WebCase

1. Discovery phase

We start from core preparational activities: learning about your idea and your business; researching the market; figuring out how technologies can solve your problem; suggesting how to improve your initial idea; auditing your company’s workflows and forming a full-scale digital transformation strategy, if needed; setting measurable goals and writing a spec document.

2. Choosing tools & technologies

We devote the second stage to making important technical decisions: chunking the project into smaller sub-tasks; writing a step-by-step plan; designing an architecture for your app; selecting high-priority features; picking 3rd party services for integration; choosing integration methods (API, custom scripts, etc.).

3. Estimating time & budget

To wrap up the planning phase, we calculate the time and costs; choose a development approach; assign a team; divide the project into steps; plan the amount and sequence of iterations. As a general rule project length depends on its objectives, scope, and complexity of engineering tasks.

4. Signing the contract

To clarify the final details and start building your website, we show you the research results, correct the plan to match your suggestions, and finalize the deal. With 6+ years of experience, we’ve streamlined our workflows to always meet deadlines and quality standards. We’ll give you a legal guarantee that we deliver what we promise.

5. Building prototype

Investing in prototyping saves the overall budget. To build the first prototype we start with designing the structure of your application. The site prototype consists of webpage schemes, called mockups. We’ll conduct user tests and show you different design options to choose from. When you approve the prototype, we attach it to the spec document.

6. Working on design

When mockups are ready, we finalize the details of the visual style. Our designers plan out the color scheme, create graphics and animations, cue up images. As in the previous stages, we’ll work closely with the client and approve each major design decision. We strive to make a UI that is high-converting yet creative and engaging.

7. Writing code

Programming consists of frontend and backend parts. We have engineers of both specializations on our team. Fronted developers convert mockups into real webpages using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Backends programmers write code that handles data on the server. Also, we allocate experienced team leads to coordinate each project.

8. Connecting 3rd-party apps

Third-party services help to extend the functionality of the app without writing the code from scratch. We’ll connect payment systems, delivery and geolocation services, and all the databases necessary for the project. To further increase your company's productivity, we can sync your website with corporate software—CRP, ERP, SCM, etc.

9. Security enhancement

Although we think through the overall security at the planning stage. At this point, we just implement specific measurements, like pre-configuring web hosting, checking the app for vulnerabilities, enabling encrypted HTTPS protocol, protecting from potential DDoS and XSS attacks.

10. Quality Assurance

QA is not only about finding bugs. As the name suggests, QA helps to deliver quality products. It encompasses functional, usability, and many other kinds of tests. At this stage, we make sure the app is compatible with different browsers and devices, measure speed and performance, test databases, check accessibility requirements.

11. Launching the project

After your website is ready, we move it from the test environment to the permanent server. Then we train your staff to work with the content management system and other components of new software. At the end, we measure results and check whether our solution has achieved the objectives and KPIs set.

12. Tech support

We help our clients to maintain the up and running solutions. We’ll track your website analytics, renew web hosting and domain for you. We also perform tests and install updates when necessary. We offer guarantees for each application we develop. In case of emergencies, we’ll tackle your problem ASAP.

Our pricing models

We offer two service delivery models. You can choose the one that best suits your business task

Fixed price

In the fixed price model, we set the final cost and deadline in the contract at the beginning of the project.
So you get guarantees that your website would be delivered within the allocated budget and time frame. It’s crucial to write a precise and extensive functional and technical specification to deliver a quality product with this type of project.
Fixed price model is perfect for small to medium-size projects of average complexity.


The alternative web development pricing model is called time-and-materials (T & M).
We’ll provide a carefully selected dedicated team specifically for your tasks. We’ll chunk your project into a few iterations or sprints. At the end of each phase, we’ll deliver a fully functional version of your product. In this model, you’ll have full freedom to change the requirements, priorities during the project.
The T & M model is the best for big, complex, and disruptive projects.

More than 350 successful projects in 6 years

On behalf of the "Kvartal 95" studio we would like to thank our partner "WebCase" web studio for developing the website for the "Kvartal TV" project. During the time of cooperation with the web-studio, the team of developers has shown its ability to approach the tasks with full responsibility, to perform tasks with high quality and on time. A distinctive feature of the work is high professionalism, communication skills and interest in the work performed. We recommend the studio as a reliable and stable partner. Studio kvartal 95 is pleased with the work done and will be pleased to continue our cooperation with the WebCase studio!

Marchenko Sergey

head of digital department

Benefits of making a website with us

Cutting-edge technologies

We keep up with the latest web development trends and use top programming languages, frameworks, and libraries. The core of our technological stack consists of Python/Django and Vue.js.

Your preferred pricing model

Choose between fixed-priced and time-and-material models. With a fixed-price model, you will know the exact cost and timing of the project in advance. T&M lets you change the product along the way.

Dedicated team

With 30+ in-house professionals, we can quickly allocate an engineering team qualified to solve your problem. Just reach out to us and get a competent, dedicated team working on your project today.

Steadfast guarantees

We fix in the contract everything that we promise and provide official documentation for each project. You are also free to choose the payment method and procedure that is convenient to you.

Transparent process

Working with us is completely transparent. We’ll send you reports at the end of each week and the project phase. Participate in a daily meeting and request on-demand feedback at any time.

Accessible prices

Hourly rates of Ukrainian developers are much lower compared to our western colleagues. You also won’t pay for the management and organization of the workplace, licenses for development tools, etc.

Thank you for your interest!

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