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You’re about to learn what features make a great online action and how this type of web project can benefit your business. We’ll cover critical components of websites like eBay, types of bidding platforms, and much more.

Online Auction features

Online payment & balance check

Option to top up the balance and make payments in the auction’s user account.

Bidding module

Setting up the maximal and minimal price, time, and full bidding customization.


A list of products and services with filtering and sorting. The product assortment must have an easy customization feature.

2 types of user accounts

The auction functionality enables two separate profile types for buyers and sellers.

Funds reservation

Holding funds on the balance. The money won’t be withdrawn from the user until the purchase passes all verification stages by the auction admins.

Multiple languages

Placing bids and buying items should be easy for users from different countries. That’s why you should have a multi-language interface.

Making an auction website includes building a platform that enables comprehensive interaction between buyers and sellers, with the ability to adjust the price of an item based on the demand level.

In online auctions, bidders compete for the right to buy an item by offering a maximum price. The bid must be greater or equal to the starting price. This is an English auction, which is the most common one. But there are other types.

eBay is the most famous online auction platform


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Types of online auctions


The participant who bought the most tickets becomes the owner.


Auctioneer sets a high price and gradually lowers it as potential buyers bid. This works like a tender where potential buyers aren’t aware of how much their competitors. Everyone offers their price, and the highest bid wins.

All-Pay auction

In this format, everyone pays a participation fee regardless of whether they won or not.

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