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Building a Dating Website

Looking for a developer to build a dating or matchmaking website? Look no further. We, at WebCase, offer our clients quality dating website design & development services. We’ll build you a fully-featured solution with a mobile-friendly design.

Our web application will help you win the online dating market and grow your matchmaking business.

Core Features for
Making a Dating Web App


Flexible search

To help users find the best matches for their requests, you should work out as many search filters as possible on your dating site. The must-have search filters include:

  • Search by ID.
  • Filter by country, age, status (online/offline), and other attributes.
  • Questionnaire previews and pagination.


Dating websites have several types of users:

  • Superadmin;
  • Agency account. Agencies act as intermediaries between women and men.
  • Operator / translator. They participate in communication between users if there’s a language barrier.
  • Male profile.
  • Female profile.


These are paid features. We advise adding an option to send both public and private messages. Additional functions include:

  • Sending a virtual gift: a sticker, a video tutorial, etc.;
  • Sending physical a gift with a delivery report;
  • Order a call for a specific time;
  • The ability to add a girl/boy to contacts or to the blacklist (their profiles won’t show in search results and chat offers, their emails will be blocked).

Multiple languages

Building a dating web app usually requires localizing UI to different languages. To ensure great user experience and engagement, the website should be translated into at least 5 languages ​​for convenience and greater user engagement.


Auto recommendation of profiles

Over the past few years, the vast majority of dating websites started to add automatic suggestiions of profiles based on user's location and view history. Typically, this function is based on neural networks (AI/deep learning technique).



Chat rooms and communities can help users find new friends with common interests. Adding this feature is a sure way to improve user experience and increase your website’s traffic.

use cases

CRM for a dating agency

To tackle the laid out objective, we divided the website into several categories: client database, employee performance reports, management (calendar, tasks, training, etc.) and related sections.

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We’ll help you choose technologies and features for your dating website, which will allow you to achieve your goal faster. We’ll also draw up a plan for the development and launch of your project.

How to monetize a dating website

Sending paid messages

Popular paid features include: sending gifts, ordering calls, receiving private photos from other users.

Ad units

Probably the safest option to monetize your website is to place a few ad units on it. Just don’t overdo it with ads. Otherwise, the website will look like more of an advertising board, than a dating platform.

Paid rating top

To get to the top positions of search results on your dating website, users can pay to promote their profile in the rating. Usually, customers can buy the right to appear on top for a certain period: for a week, a month, or a couple of days.

Premium accounts

A premium account provides its owner with a number of privileges not available to other users of your dating website. They may include access to data on his profile views (e.g., the user can find out who viewed his profile and when), extra search options (e.g., some specific filters), and access to specific functionality, like video chat.

Paid registration

Paid signing up is the most trivial way to capitalize on a dating site. Just keep in mind that before you charge them for the right to use your portal, you should consider whether they are willing to pay for it.

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