Cryptocurrency Exchange Development


Making an online crypto exchange

Cryptocurrency Exchange is a website that lets users buy and sell digital currencies, such as Bitcoins. You, as a platform owner, will generate profits from transactional fees. To provide quality intermediary services, your online platform must be secure, reliable, and easy to use. Professional custom development allows you to meet these standards.

Features of Crypto Exchange Platform


Personal account

Personal account is an essential feature that users to perform the key actions:

  • Check their trading history and filter out closed orders by date or currency pair.
  • See their history of transactions—deposits and withdrawals. It’s also important to assign a status to each transaction (e.g., pending, successful, or rejected).
  • Check their balance for each currency and see the addresses of their wallets on the platform.
  • Replenish and withdraw their funds through a simple online form.

Trading module

  • Charts that allow users to see fluctuations of a currency pair's exchange rate. Most often, exchanges use the so-called Japanese candlestick and volume charts. the best way to add a chart to your website is to use ready-made solutions such as, or
  • Sale order forms and stock charts. They show bids from users that wait for counteroffers. To ensure that users always see up-to-date information, your devs should build this feature using WebSocket. It’s a protocol that provides a continuous data transfer between the client and the server.
  • Bidding history that shows closed transactions. Users should be able to monitor statistics that would help them to predict market trends.

Payment service

By increasing the number of cryptocurrency wallets on the exchange, you give more opportunities to your users. Hence, you attract a larger audience.

Besides, if you plan to go global, you’ll have to add to your platform local payment systems of every country.

To ensure security, development speed, and ease of tech support, you should make this feature a separate service and connect it to your main project through a secure data channel.

use cases


Cryptocurrency exchange is a trading platform. It allows authorized users from different countries to place bids, buy, and sell digital currencies.


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How to implement security on your crypto exchange platform

Two-factor authentication

Adding the second layer of verification helps protect the accounts of the users. To sign in, they’ll have to enter a password and a code that they would receive in SMS or an email. The second option is to connect services like Google Authenticator and Authy.

Extra security features

To enhance that exchange will work reliably, your developer has to add some extra features, such as pin codes, funds holding, tracking IPs from which users log in to the site.

Protecting data
against hacking

To lay out built-in security on your website, distribute your service across multiple servers, enable protection against CSFR and XSS attacks, and integrate data filtering that prevents SQL injections.

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