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Looking for a social media website design and development services? We at WebCase deliver custom social network web applications with superb user experience and mobile-friendly interface layout. You’ll get a secure and scalable platform with innovative features and a great potential for monetization.

How to monetize a social media website


Ad Tools

Ad Tools. Advertising is not only about banners, news articles, and display ads. A social network website allows targeting an audience using multiple criteria. With targeted social media ads, businesses can offer their goods and services only to those who are genuinely interested in them.  Targeting relies on different sources of information:

  • users’ data they provided themselves
  • context
  • location

Paid services

Paid services are aimed to satisfy user needs. For example, business-oriented services that help to gain income. There is a couple of different types of needs that serve to:

  • Entertain: compliments, jokes.
  • Organize: extra search options, access to information, communication with clients, etc.
  • Inform: landing pages.


A large-scale social media is a powerful tool for collecting statistics. This data enables businesses to conduct analysis. One of the ways to monetize is to allow users to gather data for their needs. The purpose of these actions is not to sell but to collect data. The main ways to obtain the data are:

  • research
  • surveys
  • contests

Social media platform features

User account

The user account should have the following functions: chat history, photo and video gallery, friend list, ability to comment on posts, playlist (listening to music both for free and by subscription), participation in groups.

Quick signing in

The easier the authorization process is, the better. For example, you can provide users with an option to register with their email: Gmail, Yahoo, or any other popular email provider.


E-commerce functionality allows users to buy things within a social network. Most people shop online, so designing a social network should include making purchases and payments in a user-friendly way from any device: desktop, mobile, tablet, etc.

Ad tools

Ad functionality yet another way to monetize your web app. You can use regular classifieds to get started, but don't forget about scaling. Creating an ad management system is a very lucrative option for a fast-growing social media project.

Tech support

Support is a must-have for social media. In any case, you users will have questions, issues, and problems when interacting with your application. The option to contact technical support is a prerequisite for your website’s growth.

Privacy settings

The volume and complexity of information shared on social media is enormous. That’s you have to protect your users' personal data. Trusted web resources provide their users with extra security checks, like guides that help you set up your account security and privacy.

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