Building an Online Currency Exchange Service


Online Currency Exchanger Development

Starting an online currency exchange business requires building a feature-rich website. Currency Exchanger should allow users to receive, send, and convert electronic currencies, buy travel money or transfer funds to and from bank accounts. Designing a website in finance also implies increased security and transaction speed.

Online Exchanger Features


User account shows a current balance, conversions list, and bonuses for transactions. Users can also review a list of transactions made by people they’ve invited in the partner’s profile.


Users can invite other people with a referral link and get a percentage from their transactions. It’s a powerful marketing tool to promote your online exchanger.


Users get a certain percentage of the exchange amount. The amount of bonuses depends on the client's turnover. Higher turnover leads to a larger discount.


Users will be able to lock in the desired sum by contacting tech support. Funds available for each currency are constantly updating.


With this feature your admins can check the list of transaction made by a particular website user.


The tech support chat helps to answer user’s questions about the work of your service. This feature is essential for providing satisfying customer experience.

Exchange Rates Aggregators

A massive share of customers comes to online currency converters from exchange rates aggregators. These services provide up-to-date and fully verified data on favorable exchange rates. Building an online exchanger requires cooperation with aggregators.

Features required to work with aggregators

  • XML uploading. Online exchangers provide rate uploads for their partners. XML uploading allows aggregators to update the data automatically, always showing the latest rates.
  • Exchangers must have an affiliate program in place. Your website will grow faster thanks to this feature. Aggregators earn cashback for bringing users to your website. You can work with services such as Bestchange, OKchanger, Compareholidaymoney, OFX, etc.

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Digital Currency Exchanger Development Stages

  • Meeting dedicated to your project, working through ideas and use cases.
  • Writing technical specification and drawing prototypes.
  • Project complexity and timing evaluation.
  • Signing the contract. Advance payment.
  • Step-by-step project development.
  • Launching the service and training your staff to work with an admin panel.
  • 6 months warranty to test the product.
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