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Building a dropshipping website is a great way to start making money in eCommerce without the need to invest in your own production and infrastructure, like warehouses, logistics, etc. Your drop shipping store will serve as a platform where sellers, manufacturers, suppliers, and vendors can sell their goods. And you’ll get a share from each deal. Or you can have a paid subscription tiers in place.


User account

E-commerce platforms usually have two types of user accounts—for suppliers and for sellers. Additionally, developers implement key administrational features, like notifications, integration with third-party marketplaces, product catalog management, etc.

Payment gateway

Payment gateways allow users to make transactions without leaving the platform. Since payment gateways are dealing with banking card data, they have increased security. Typically, they work via APIs.

Catalog editor

Catalog with a WYSIWYG editor for adding items. To make adding new products to the catalog easier for users, developers build an editor module. It allows users to present product descriptions, uploaded images, and other media files in HTML format.

Review and rating system

Reviews and ratings from real customers foster the demand for goods. In turn, this increases your service’s popularity among suppliers. That’s why a full-fledged rating system is an incredibly useful feature to have.

Fault-tolerant architecture

If you plan to drive a large number of visitors to your e-commerce website, it’s crucial to ensure that its architecture is robust and can handle spikes in load. For instance, we can enhance stability by tying the excess server capacity to the backend.

Multi-language UI

Your audience shouldn’t have any problems with understanding your website’s interface. So if you target audiences from different countries, your platform’s UI must be in multiple languages.

Making dropshipping website: features


System stability

Dropshipping platform is the only link between sellers and suppliers. If the system goes down, the orders won’t be fulfilled. Unlikely that this scenario will satisfy the customers. As a result, the seller’s rating will drop, and the clients won’t use the platform again.


Suppliers reliability

Sellers risk their reputation by offering someone else's goods. But what if these goods are of poor quality? For sellers to be confident in suppliers, there must be a multi-level evaluation system. It should include ratings, reviews, closed deals counter, partners list, frequency of product information update, order processing speed, etc. The rating system will attract the top stores to your dropshipping platform.


Data exchange

Your web app should be able to exchange data about loading, unloading, and updating of goods, order transfers, etc. To maintain usability and responsiveness, your developer should implement as many data exchange methods as possible and lay down the right architecture. The bare minimum includes extensive API, XML loading, CSV export, and manual data entry. Ideally, you should make plugins for all popular eCommerce CMSs.


Notification system

To never miss an order, you need to inform your suppliers promptly. To ensure instant communication, you developers should build a multi-level notification system with notifications in user accounts, emails, instant messengers, SMS, and with phone calls from the operator.


Pricing plans

Pricing plans for suppliers should include the cost of server resources spent on processing their items. The more items you upload, the more resources you need to store, update and process them.


Integration with marketplaces

Many suppliers will come to you specifically for this feature. The reason is simple: it’s very convenient to manage all sales from a single place. So we recommend to prioritize connecting the maximum number of marketplaces and ensuring the stability of the integration.

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