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Any eCommerce website is a resource for gaining profit and commercial income. The ‘commerce’ label hints at what the main goal of such a website should be – to motivate users to do certain actions (be it a purchase, subscription, registration or something else). This can be ultimately achieved with the ‘proper’ design.

Check out the following set of pro tips on the web design creation if you want your commercial solutions to aesthetically conquer hearts of many and more and get high conversions.


10 pro tips on creating an awesome e commerce web design

Follow these useful recommendations and get the maximum out of your commercial web solution:

1. Sort out products and all other content


The first thing to think over when planning a future e commerce website design is the way all the data on your website – from products to blog articles – will be sorted. Up to date, quite popular web design trends are mega menu and site map. These are utterly useful solutions if your website features many sections and product categories. But make sure that the menu doesn’t block the rest of the content on the page (we would recommend making it dropdown for this purpose) and is available on any page of the resource.

As to the items for sell, the end user must be able to filter and sort them out personally. The respective features are usually located either at the top or on the right side of the page and remain static (i.e. visible) regardless of how far down a user scrolls the page.

2. Make navigation as simple as possible

The main task of every web designer is to enable regular users to browse through your website as fast as possible and newcomers to figure out the navigation as effortlessly as possible. Otherwise, potential customers might as well not find the thing they needed and never bring your CTA to life. The most frequent mistakes the non-professionals make is the employment of too many menu items, their inconsistency, as well as absence of links to some site sections on the main page. In turn, the best realization of proper navigation are dropdown or fully-structured (meaning represented in the form of a binding acyclic graph) menus.

3. Provide all kinds of contact data

Do not forget to dedicate a place on your site – at the top of the homepage or in the resource’s footer – for some contact data lines. The more there are, the better. This might be as well considered to be a way to increase the integrity of your resource. Always include the links to all your public or otherwise social networking pages. As a rule, users prefer to go there to make sure your service can be trusted and to get their questions answered fast.

4. Create a reviews section

Reviews are one of the crucial aspects of conquering trust of the potential customers. Even if you are using the reviews written by your employed copywriters (that usually present your products or services in the most positive way), do not be afraid to highlight some negative aspects as well. In such a manner, you can demonstrate your objectivity and honesty of your services as a whole.

5. Work on a search feature

The search feature is fundamentally important in any commercial website. It must be distinctly visible and available from any page of the resource. Your users must always be able to find any type of product they are looking for effortlessly. The good thing to do for your e commerce site design would be to employ the search auto filling feature (upon entering a few letters, a user is shown the auto fill options to complete the query at once or even possible search results).

6. Make sure to have unique, useful and exciting content


As you may know, View site most people better perceive external information through the organs of vision. Thus, in order to make your web-resource a veritable pleasure for users’ eyes, experienced marketers recommend filling it up with all the possible kinds of media content – images, video, animation, etc. (at that, all elements must be of high quality and corresponding to your site’s topic).

This, however, can surely negatively affect the page load speed. So before launching such an enriched site into a public use, test its level of performance (the most comfortable downtime is considered to be 2 seconds at the most).

7. Make design adaptive

People now use their mobile devices to access the Internet most frequently. That is why it is very important to make sure your website features an adaptive type of design. In particular, if your eCommerce solution is based on the readymade CMS, you can rest assured that the applied theme will automatically adjust to the screens of various formats. On the other hand, if you have built a resource on a custom engine, you will have to manually (that is, either single-handedly or with the help of a dedicated web developer) create the adaptive e commerce system design. The one which would not only automatically scale up to the different display dimensions but also provide an in-depth user interface interaction capabilities (for instance, it can enable a touch screen control function when the site is launched via an iPad).

8. Describe your service policies

The View site updated GDPR policy has come into force since May 25, 2018. It had been significantly revised and became stricter. So before commencing your commercial activity online, you should ensure your potential customers of the fact that your resource fully corresponds with the currently-in-effect GDPR regulations.

Additionally, provide a separate FAQ with answers as to the subjects of delivery and product return or exchange. If you do not do it, theoretically, you will lose a share of customers that would not bother clarifying all the details with the store employees.

9. Work on CTA


CTA (call-to-action) implies all the elements that stimulate the website visitors to execute certain actions (purchase, register, and others). As a matter of fact, it is a kind of a hint for user that leads them directly towards doing something a page developer wants them to do. In order to come up with an efficient CTA, take the following rules into account:

  • make your sentence accessible and brief (3 words long at the most)
  • formulate a call to a single action;
  • emphasize the CTA object (for example, make its name in a contrasting shade);
  • place this object in the user’s visual field (at the top of the page or at the side, but make the object a non-scrollable one).

10. Create your own style

In order to demonstrate everyone how serious and reliable your organization is, you need to promote the brand first of all, then the product. It is crucial to develop a striking style and design here: decide which color scheme will be prevalent on your website background, play with font types, choose the borders representation method, and, of course, create a concise but recognizable logo. Making all that come to life, you will look most decently in the eyes of both your customers and successful competitors.

Material Design is still popular. Bright and strict, it will continue to dominate web design for a long time, as it is ideal for developing desktop variations of sites, and for mobile applications. Meanwhile, it’s difficult to use Material Design for online stores, you can often see its partial use, and therefore companies that have decided to create their own websites in this style are very few.

Don’t forget that single site design for viewing on computers, tablets, and smartphones is a mandatory requirement of customers in 90% of cases. But working with adaptive design is very difficult because every year screens get even larger resolution, and this tendency remains popular especially for mobile phones. Smartphones, with their vast assortment, have different screen sizes and resolutions respectively, and tablets follow a similar trend. Thus, on all of them, the site should look good and stay faultlessly convenient. That’s why more and more designs are created taking into account modern screen resolutions and then a mobile application is developed, either a mobile version of the site or a single adaptive design.

How to design e commerce website: conclusion

Each of us tries to spend our hard-earned money accurately, so we choose those stores where we feel comfortable, websites look calm and understandable, as much as possible. Thinking about a redesign or new design, you need to take into account the main trends, but it does not mean immediately rush and remake what already exists. Of course, there is always the question of conversion, the real work of design.


As you can see for yourself, the perfection of your eCommerce resource design requires a universal approach. Otherwise, your potential customers can simply not make it to the final CTA stage, not bringing in any profit. Not everyone by far is able to realize all the listed above aspects, so we strongly recommend you to turn to professionals for a good, integral design. To us, for instance! Our e-commerce web design company has successfully launched dozens of commercial solutions that don’t cease to bring their owners significant profit up until today. Contact us via our ‘contacts’ box on the website and we’ll clarify all details of cooperation.

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