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Planning to launch your own commercial resource on the web, be ready to pick between the employment of readymade CMS with corresponding templates or the development of a website from scratch based on the engine of your choice. We’d like to highlight important nuances of both approaches as well as share our opinion as to the ‘what to choose’ dilemma.


Website templates eCommerce: what is it and when is it needed?

Website eCommerce templates can be used by those unable to code. Their configuration doesn’t require any web development languages knowledge. It can be a perfect solution for business owners with a limited budget (both financial and time restrictions) or for someone that wants to get the most out of the potential web solution by putting minimum effort into its building.

What is website template eCommerce?

E commerce website template is a web product based on the readymade CMS that looks like a previously created set of web pages. Those can be configured in accordance with particular business goals. The most common CMS for the construction of commercial websites are Magento, Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, Shopify, and BigCommerce.

Here’s a particular case of an online store developed based on a template:

Pros of website template eCommerce

Main advantages of sites created based on templates are as follows:

  • Cheaper development and support.It doesn’t matter how many pages your resource consists of, how complex its map is, and whether it has a payment gateway. With templates, you definitely get a much cheaper software product than that you’d get with involvement of developers and creation of everything from scratch on an authentic engine. Additionally, a template which would lie in the foundation of your resource has already been tested for usability. That’s one way to save users from the persistent problem of unique websites – cumbersome navigation.
  • Extensive opportunities for non-coders. Plugins are the world. They let almost effortlessly achieve planned functionality for a website built on a template without having to code at all. Such an approach is also much more profitable as opposed to the necessity to employ dedicated developers. Plugins for most modern CMS cost no more than $20 (beyond compare if we’re talking about expert programmer services). On the other hand, if you can’t find exactly what you need among paid and free modules, turning to individual development by a team of programmers would be cheaper than building everything from square one.
  • Constantly available experts for support. Suppose that for some reason you cannot keep cooperating with the team of developers that worked on your resource initially no more. In case it was built on the custom engine, it would take much time and effort for new guys to figure everything out. This equals additional costs. In turn, being based on some readymade CMS, the site can be simply reconfigured or scaled up by any programmer, the resume of which includes experience of working with a certain commercial web platform.

eCommerce websites free templates

We’d like you to also consider the following, most successful and efficient in our opinion free e-commerce website templates. Although, if you decide to employ the readymade solution, pick it carefully and wisely. Many templates online might as well provide more of a disadvantage than advantage. Always check the integrity of template providers. Some options may be contaminated with a virus.

And even if a template is safe, it might be very similar or even identical to some other existing analog. Templates might also be full of bugs or not have a dedicated support at all. Keep that in mind while choosing a readymade solution. Now, let’s get on with the list.

1. Simple configurable template Shop will help you create your own small online store in a few hours. Although, get into it a bit deeper and you’ll be able to get a solution of a much larger scale as a result.


2.Fashe template had been downloaded over 10 thousand times during the first week of public release. Check it out and see for yourself how good it is!


Shopper will serve as a perfect foundation for those that don’t want to bother with SEO Plugins and eCommerce plugins connection. Everything works right out of the box!


Excellent will certainly impress you with its responsive design. It can also be customized according to unique needs and demands of business owners.



TheShop is a WordPress template. It is yet another flexible in configuration eCommerce foundation. Beginners without a slight image of programming principles will find it perfect.


Unique eCommerce websites

Websites created with the individual approach might as well implement most unusual ideas. Creating such solutions, developers won’t be limited by only capabilities provided by accessible CMS.

Here’s a link to a great example of a store with unique design:

What is simple eCommerce website?

Simple e commerce websites are resources built from scratch via the combination of HTML, PHP, CSS, and JavaScript. Yes, the implementation of such resources requires much time and effort. They are more problematic when it comes to migration as opposed to analogs constructed with template CMS; moreover, such solutions can be pretty vulnerable (the resource can be breached with great probability if administrator doesn’t set up security updates in a timely manner). However, the level of flexibility will exceed your expectations. Programmers can adapt a simple web resource to any particular needs of your business (e.g. a flexible system of discounts can be programmed, which isn’t possible with most CMS).

Advantages of unique eCommerce websites

So what are the pros of unique resources built with custom engines?

  • An ability to level up your dedicated developer’s or team’s of experts skills. There is no better way to boost professional competence for your hired web developer than their personal experience of creating an engine and building a website based on it. It would be a great way to test their expertise, see what they are really capable of. You’ll also help your employee make a great step forward in reaching the next level of expertise.
  • Maximum correspondence with particular business goals. Most readymade CMS offer multipurpose templates with a limited number of configured elements. This means that you won’t be able to continuously adapt a website based on a template to your client’s particular needs. Therefore, not all of their ideas and demands would be possible to implement.
  • High performance. Creators of renowned CMS usually try to include the bigger number of configurable elements possible in a template. They try to include everything a website user should need. As a result, many template sites might be overloaded with excessive details. This can affect the overall performance in a bad way. If we’re talking about unique sites made with custom CMS, however, there won’t be any excessive elements unless you need them. The finished solution would perform to the possible capacity

All in all, choosing a custom approach, you get such significant pros as:

  • 100% authenticity. Sky is the limit. Only you decide how your solution would look, function, and how much different from all other existing options it would be.
  • 100% virus-free. No one will try and hack your system for the sake of scam, performance capabilities outage, or the satisfaction of evil intents.
  • 100% tech support availability. This is one of the crucial moments. Successful solution means stably, continuously operating solution.

With custom approach, you’ll be able to adjust your website to your defined business goals and demands of your TA. It is completely the other way around with the template approach.



Templates can be a universal solution for business owners planning to get a budget commercial resource in the shortest terms. Due to the extensive availability of existing plugins, as well as expansive opportunities in the creation of new ones, templates can be adjusted to fit any business needs whatsoever. On the other hand, you can take a more difficult and integral route – construction of a site on your own engine. In such manner, you’ll be able to implement most extraordinary projects without limiting yourself with template options capabilities.

Whichever approach you choose, the Webcase Studio team will readily implement it for you! We are developing websites of any level of complexity, including scalable commercial resources with accessible administration. Let’s ultimately boost your business performance together!

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