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Choosing the best GPS fleet management system that will benefit your company the most is a daunting task. It involves finding compromises between benefits and pricing, as well as choosing the right features that modern gps tracking systems for fleet management have.

If you are in search of the best GPS fleet management software, the advice in this article will make your choice easier.

What Is Fleet Management GPS Tracking Software?

It’s a system that keeps track of the company fleet by using GPS tracking and web-based information managed engine. It provides the company with information about the current status of its fleet 24/7, which allows for more efficient resource placement.

How does the GPS vehicle tracking fleet management system work?

The GPS fleet management system consists of 24 satellites. The satellites are transmitting signals to receivers installed in the fleet vehicles. Next, the vehicle’s receiver sends data to the system, which processes it and comes up with the vehicle’s current location. Alternatively, a receiver can just record all the signals that it got from satellites, which can be viewed later.

Why should our company use web based GPS tracking software?

With the number of competitors fighting for the top positions on the market, it is crucial that your company stays as effective, optimized and well-informed as possible, and fleet management GPS software guarantees all of those things and more.



The List of GPS Fleet Management Benefits

Using GPS fleet management software ensures that your company has certain advantages over competitors. Let us focus on some of them.

1. Better timing

When your fleet gets stuck in some kind of traffic jam, you waste a lot of time and suffer unnecessary expenses. By using GPS vehicle management system, managers of your company will be able to track the current position of your drivers and advise them on how to avoid the hindrances.

2. Information for customers

Customers like accurate timing and predictability, and with GPS tracking and fleet management system they can have access to real-time information on the status of their deliveries.

3. Route planning

By gathering data from GPS management system and analyzing it, you can identify the most effective routes for your fleet, which prevent unnecessarily loses in both time and fuel.

4. Safety

In case an incident occurs, you’ll always be aware of the current location of your vehicles and could provide help to drivers quickly and effectively.

5. Reduced paperwork

With all the data previously stored by the system available for view at any moment of time, your drivers and managers will no longer need to do a huge amount of paperwork to keep everything in check.

GPS Fleet Management Pricing

There is no universal price list for using fleet management software GPS. The average price is something like $30-35 per month for each of your vehicles, but the final price always depends on several factors.

What kind of fleet management solution do you need?

There are many fleet management systems on the market, and each one has its set of tools. As usual, the more advanced the software gets, the higher the price.

You can expect to pay $80 per month to use some of the best gps fleet management solutions available, while the simplest GPS based fleet management system costs $15.

How large is your fleet?

Since each vehicle you want to be tracked needs the GPS tracking device for fleet management to be installed, the price of the whole system scales up with the size of your fleet.

What do you need to consider to choose the right GPS vehicle tracking fleet management solutions?

Understanding the current capabilities of your company and having a clear goal will help you with deciding which one of gps tracking fleet management solutions you want to use.

Does your company have a small fleet of four or five few vehicles, or does it have several dozens of them? Do you want to just track the vehicles, or you would like to have features such as in-built route planning and reports on stop times? Consider these questions before you make your choice.


GPS tracking software can be an invaluable tool for any company, no matter the size. Finding the right one and integrating it into your vehicles takes time and money, but it will definitely pay back in the long run.

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