May 2018

Website development: where to outsource

When you choose a certain website developer to maintain your site you get to the very beginning of a real outsourcing work. Many people live in a fairytale, where from that point all of their dreams are coming true. But it doesn’t work like this. Even finding a great developer is a hard thing to do. There are many specializations and skills to choose from. So to find best website developers you need to know, what kind of result do you want to see.


List the requirements

There’s no specific recipe for every website. Still, I offer you some things to think about before searching for a specialist:

  • Think about your goal to achieve and try to create good requirements specification. Write them down as soon as you figure them out. Check your list later to be sure they are clear.
  • Think about money and time. Are they strict? If you don’t have opportunities to pay for all the job at once, you can divide the whole process into several stages, starting with the most important one – MVP, and then add the advanced functionality step-by-step. MVP is released to the market to get feedback from the customers, assess its advantages and drawbacks and build a productive structure for future web development. Otherwise, you should wait until you can afford full website development of high quality.
  • It’s not a necessary thing in all cases, but you still can choose a basis for the future site. There are two main opportunities to study: using CMS or frameworks. The most popular CMS are WP, Joomla, Business Catalyst and Drupal. One of the best of frameworks is Python/Django or Laravel/PHP. Each of them has its own pros and cons, so you can read about their privileges and differences to choose one. I’d like to notice: WordPress is the most used one because of its simplicity and wide customization functions. That’s why your queries could be met by WP website developers.
  • Choose your task type. Think whether it’s a full-time, part-time or one-time project. Be sure, that your rate corresponds to an amount of work has to be done.
  • Draw a clear picture of what you really need. It will help you developer do the work faster so the results could meet your needs.

Remember: the results of new website development depend on how clear can you set your instructions for a team. It’s one of the main requirements they have for you.

Prepare everything from your side.

Yes, you can hire a team for the best web development, but they can’t do everything for you. Here’s a short list of what you can do to make your cooperation more pleasant (and definitely fast!):

  • Choose and register the domain name. Be sure it’s new and original.
  • Start to use website hosting by subscribing to it on a monthly or annual basis.
  • Send these ones to your developer so he could start his work.
  • Select design specifications and major theme.
  • Make sure your workers understand your offers clearly. Start with requirements specification. If needed, show examples/links/pictures/print screens of other site pages, which are close to what you want to see. Otherwise, they will rely more on their experience and personal views.
  • Set reasonable deadlines. Sometimes it’s better to check intermediate results of each part or task.
  • Think about the models of work – the Fixed Price for simple projects or Time & Material for large, requiring further expansion.
  • Stay in touch! Choose proper communication line and provide the fastest feedback if needed.

If you make everything fast and clear the corporate website development will bring the best results.

Find help among the best.

Let’s talk about the other side. According to the research, the best website developers come from Jordan, Ukraine, India, Philippines and Poland. Of course, those are not the only ones, who constantly progresses in their knowledge and skills, but there are two reasons for mentioning them first.
The obvious reason – many really talented people live there. And when they are focusing on custom website development – the result is truly amazing. Apart from lyrics, second reason appears: their work is cheaper. There’s no need to pay more for the same quality, right?

Finding and working with a pro.

The main question here is how to frame your work with a real professional. Try next checklist:

  • The place matters. In fact, popular freelance platforms don’t attract high-quality workers, because most often they’ll find their jobs with higher salaries elsewhere. The only exception – people who are not aware of their skills level.
  • Check portfolio before hiring. In case you don’t have free access to it you can ask for one or two samples.
  • Sign up contracts with each freelancer or company you hire. It’s a useful habit to protect both sides from unexpected situations.
  • Make sure you send your feedback as soon as you can. Clarify, that you expect the same from your developers.
  • Remind yourself, that high value should raise the salary. Most people hope to get something in “well done” range with zero cost. In fact, website development price depends on many factors, but it’s never cheap in case you really want to succeed.
  • Hire a team instead of one person. I have to admit there are good specialists, but those work on high price tags. But even little studios have at least one person, who’ll keep you updated on the work stages.
  • Check testimonials. Of course, you don’t know for sure whether they are real, so try to find customer feedback on Clutch. In that case, you can pick few clients and ask them personally about their work process. The freelancer won’t even know you did.
  • Order a small test work. You’ll see rather quick results of your cooperation in many details you couldn’t know in theory.

As we’ve already considered, there is also an option of working with a professional web development team. But how can you be sure they are exactly what you need?

Check out the ratio

Recently I found an awesome phrase to describe web development market nowadays. It said:

“We work:

  • fast;
  • good;
  • cheap.

Pick two options.”

Isn’t that true? The price\quality\terms ratio is a very important thing to consider while choosing. Ukrainian people are used to a thought about high-quality of everything, that came from abroad. Yet practice shows, that native-rooted companies are much more aware of this ratio. It’s easier to order big or small business web development from a Ukrainian enterprise because of a huge amount of different factors to appear.

If you are looking for a certain company name, then I’ll give you one. It’s WEBCASE Studio. Its specialists provide web development sites for different business enterprises from Ukraine, few European clients and Western countries.

Why they? That’s an easy question to response:

  • they set clearly understandable website development costs;
  • their team likes clear instructions and can easily explain everything if needed;
  • no re-doings;
  • they follow the main path of an idea to come to the best solutions for each project;
  • result = expectations;
  • few cooperation models;
  • legal documentary base;
  • a record long-term technical support during 6 months for free removal of possible bugs;
  • great reviews from customers around the world;
  • reasonable deadlines;
  • they are not hard to reach. Webcase’s professionals are not hiding, they have representative profiles on Upwork and Clutch;

WEBCASE has a good reputation among all companies they worked with. So I think cooperation with them is definitely worth trying.

Ilya Smyrnov

Author: Ilya Smyrnov

Position: CEO, Business analyst

Biography: Более 8 лет занимаюсь анализом бизнесов клиентов и повышаю их эффективность с помощью внедрения IT-решений.

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