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Remote service of sending applications for registration and transferring numbers with the possibility of further processing.


Our team has to develop the functional that provides users with the possibility of remote registration using electronic signatures, BankID or other types of subscriber identification. In addition, Front-end and Back-end developers had to develop the modules to send an applications for transferring numbers. Last but not least, our programmers created CMS-system for moderating these two processes


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Application forms

The site has 2 forms to send applications for registration and transferring number. After verifying the phone number, the user has to be sent to one of the forms. Depending on the mobile network for which phone number is connected.

Calculation module

As National commission for the state regulation of communications and information established the rules for calculating the minimum and maximum period of transferring number with the possibility to indicate the time for cancelling an application. Our team has developed a functional for calculating these dates. This technical module sums weekends, holidays and working days to provide necessary information

Electronic signature

Our team has implemented a technical functionality that allows to use electronic signature keys which are located on protected and unprotected data storage devices. They are used to identify users when they send an application and sign an application for registration of a number.


Another way to confirm a registration is BankId. Nowadays, there are two online services in Ukraine. That’s why it is possible to integrate BankID on the website. The services are Privatbank API and the NBU API. Privatbank was chosen by the customer, and we have implemented this integration without any problems.


Our developers have implemented the logging system for suspicious activity for both users and administrators of the service.

Information about the project

Client: LLC "TriMob"
Type of work: Turnkey website
Industry: Telecommunication services
Team: 7 people
Stack of technologies Python / Django, JavaScript / Vue.js
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