Advertalist is a startup that helps advertisers, marketers, and other experts, who need promotional materials, find talented creatives, who can make it happen.

Project goal

The goal was to develop a platform that connects people who need to create ad products – promo banners, package design, video, photography, naming, illustration – with those who provide these services.

Technical tasks

  • To develop a user-friendly platform that helps launch a contest for finding the right contractor to execute the idea. The contest has no limits on the number of contractors.
  • To make an easy sign-up form and add a registration with Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • To enable triggered emails: a system that notifies everyone who participates in the contest.
  • To make a Google Drive integration. To pick a winner, clients should be able to sort the works in one place and check them out in a convenient format. When a contractor adds work, it automatically synchronizes with Google Drive and stores it in a dedicated folder.

Signing up

To simplify the registration process we enabled authorization (oauth2) with Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. Here’s how it looks:

Contractors can manage their works. Clients can manage contests they added, decline applications, and pick winners.

Adding a contest

Here is how the contest form looks like

Clients fill in a detailed brief on the website, publish specifications and wait for contractors’ responses. Everyone can take part in the contest regardless of rating, experience, and whether they have a portfolio. All contests are moderated to protect intellectual property rights.

When the contest is approved, clients can make a payment in two ways: a) with funds reservation via WayForPay b) without reservation. At the time of the contest, the system holds funds on a client’s card. When the contest is over, the system writes funds off.

Authors and creatives can submit and withdraw their works, as well as leave comments.

When the contest is over, clients pick winners. After that the client receives the source files and authors get their payment. There two types of compensation: financial and with product.



If one of the parties fails to fulfill its obligations, the other party can file a complaint to arbitrage. Website administration conducts the investigation and resolves the conflict. This feature ensures that all stages of the deal take place under the admins’ supervision.


When building the project we made API integrations with the following services:

WayForPay lets users receive payments on the website

Google Drive - automates receiving and checking the works for clients. They sync with the services automatically

TinyPNG - optimizes images and makes them lighter before uploading. This drastically reduces page load time.

Triggered email system

We’ve implemented an automated notification system for everyone registered on the website. Full automation frees the admins from hours of repetitive work.


Information about the project

Project: AdvertaList Creative Ideas Platform
Type of project: Classifieds website
Service: turnkey web development
Tech Stack: JavaScript / Vue.js, Python / Django
Team: 5 members
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