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Art By The Web

The project allows you to create images using pixels online.

Art By The Web

Art By The Web is a unique platform for creative people, where everyone can leave their mark in the history of the Internet. Whether it's a comment or a post, it is not ordinary text - it's a picture that website users o can see.

Short description of the project

Implementing something for the first time is not simple, as there are no examples you can rely on. Having received a project to create an online canvas, our team had to implement an unusual idea, which included the following tasks:

  • to develop a user-friendly interface for creating online illustrations using pixels, which contain all the necessary tools for drawing;
  • realize the opportunity to share their artworks with friends on social networks and even to organize competitions between countries and communities with the opportunity to repurchase pixels painted by other users;
  • to keep statistics of user activity on the platform with regular updates on the number of painted pixels.

Implemented cases

Online drawing tools

To implement the possibility to create images, we used the "canvas" technology , in which the user can select the favourite colors and cancel the action or clear the active pixel in case of error. It is important that the illustration appears on the canvas only after the users confirm this action, that is, web artists do not interfere with each other when they make pictures.

User personalization

One of the key points of the site is the personalization of each participant. So, by clicking on any colored pixel, you can see who made this picture or which community it belongs to. In addition, you are able to see where he is from , and also to read the comments about the author's creation. In this case, the user retains the right to remain anonymous.

Artworks of users on social networks

Understanding that we live in a digital world, our company's programmers have developed an algorithm that provides users with a special tool for sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and Pinterest. In particular, ​​canvas can recognize exactly the picture on a huge area made by the author of the post on the social network after following the link. Front-end specialists implemented the functional which allows to change the color of the desired pixels and recognise them when they blink.

Аукціон пікселей

Although the area of ​​Art By The Web canvases is limited, users can be in a situation where the desired picture cannot be placed using only with free unpainted pixels. In this case, the user can repurchase occupied pixels. The project is still under development, the time will come when you will have to compete for each pixel, and only the winner of the auction will be able to get it.

Information about the project

Project: Art By The Web
Type of site: Start-up
Industry: Digital painting
Type of works: Turnkey web service
Technologies: JavaScript / Vue.js, Python / Django
Team: 5 people

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