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“AXIOMA ”- real estate selling website for
Astana’s big residential building

Residential building «АXIOMA» – is full-ready apartment building with 12 floors divided into 8 sections, located in the Astana’s downtown. It contains of 294 apartments with different planning and square, and every one of them build for max living comfort


Brief description of the project

During the development process we got next tasks:

- creation of user-friendly interface for the searching through 294 possible apartment options,
- both side CRM connecting,
- creation of the online apartment booking mechanism,
- development of the mortgage calculator and apartment plans pdf print option.

Case studies:

Vue.JS and client-server Rest API interaction

Depending on the fact that we got task for development complex web pages interface, every of which contain a lot of interactive elements(filters,sort by, filter results, interactive apartments search) we decided to use VueJS as front-end framework, but not JQuery and that stap saved us from big troubles that can happen duping the development.

With this interaction between the client and the server, we have built the Rest data transfer architecture, which will allow us to implement a reliable scalable system with minimal server load..

Both side
CRM BPM Online integration

This CRM system created for comfortable Real Estate agencies work. Every minute we appeal to the BPM Online and get actual data about apartment cost and status.

In case of booking the application get to the CRM system allows to the manager respond for it fast and contact with potential client.

Mortgage calculator

On the front-end side mortgage calculator was developed, which allows to calculate every month fee for the apartment depending on the credit term, first payment, documents from the client, that prove client’s income.

Apartment selection

Knowing that user need the tool to find the right place to live, we have developed filters for finding right apartment depending on the floor, square, and the price.

PDF blueprints print

Every apartment blueprints can be printed in the PDF format. In this document shown not only apartments planning, but also, floor location, and all specs like square and cost etc.

Information about the project

Project “Axioma” Real Estate Website
Client Digital Agency “Reactor”
Type of work Front-end and back-end

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